Targa traveller 1524 X 2


At work, the Targa notebook was very fast. Only programs with high storage requirements installing a second memory module ran a bit slowly with 1 gigabyte can help create

The graphics card delivered a decent performance. Calculated 34 frames per second on average. That is sufficient for most games. Graphically very demanding games however can cause image used come.

The DVD writer described CDs and DVDs quickly. So he burned a recordable DVD (DVD + R) in about 11 minutes. He needed more two minutes for a rewritable (DVD + RW). Also in terms of burn quality, he made a good impression. DVDs he burned in decent quality for CDs, he managed even a good on this point touch.

Image Quality
Like most notebook computers the traveller has a widescreen monitor. In contrast to many other models, the 39 centimeter centimetre screen has (15.4 inch) but no finish. Therefore disturb no reflections. Viewed from the side, the image looks very dark.

The Targa notebook worked in normal mode pleasantly quiet (0.8 sone). Only under full load the built-in fan became noticeable something (2.2 sone). The battery life was satisfactory. After about two and a half hours, the notebook had to return to recharge on the socket.

Overall, the supplied software package fails quite extensively; Microsoft Office programs are however not included. Caution: All people the virus protection program (BullGuard antivirus) is only software not installed for a 15-inch notebook is the Targa traveller Ziem light easily. It weighs only 2.6 kg, power supply 3.1 kilograms.

Targa 3 years warranty. If a fault, the notebook is picked up and brought back. A replacement for this period will not be, to repair but within five working days take place.

Afloat when working correctly, this fairly quiet and fast enough for occasional games the Targa notebook is a mixture at a low price.