Bridal Gown Buying Tips

Brides beware 2016! Today, there are wedding dress buying tips from the pros from the owners of the beautiful wedding dress gate Crusz in Berlin! But for now Sandra tells a bit what you about their great store! “We have a great evening and bridal store in the heart of Berlin.” We all started more than 10 years ago with a […]


Wedding Dresses Fashion Trends

Wedding Dresses No longer reigning absolute, the white wedding dress, in 2017, will yield a bit to place your new colors, which arrive with everything fashionable brides and promise to be one of the largest betting and trends. Views in many international shows, such as Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier, who brought the catwalks beautiful bridal […]


Wedding Dress of the Week: Sophie by Sareh Nouri

When she herself was looking for a wedding gown, the designer Sareh Nouri had great problems finding her dress. The studied graphic designer had experience in arranging fabrics and decided to work briefly: she designed her wedding gown on her own. The native Iranian woman attacked classical Brautkleidtraditionen and combined it in such an elegant […]


The 7 Best Mobile Apps For You To Organize Your Wedding

The applications mobile is already a hit among all people and the whole world already surrendered to them. And it’s understandable because they really make it easier for people to live, right? Now try to imagine all the features of these 100% wedding-oriented applications, helping you to organize the whole ceremony and party more easily. Sounds like a dream right? But it’s real! And I’ll […]


8 Inspiring Bridal Dresses With Belt

Choosing the wedding dress that best suits the style you want to give your wedding and that does not escape the standards set for it is not a simple task. In fact, this is one of the most complicated parts of getting ready for the wedding.


Photos of Brides Dresses for Chubby

The beautiful models that I’m going to present are beautiful designs that you can wear lovely for your celebration of marriage, therefore I now talk about wedding dresses for chubby photos that are spectacular models for any sensual woman. Then I’ll provide some elegant images of these majestic dresses so you can shine in his much-awaited celebration, these […]


Body Wedding Dresses

Hello!! How are you? Again weekend and apparently sunny days and pleasant temperatures, so we will have to take advantage to do something before the cold and permanent rains are installed between us:)


Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses in Movies

Elizabeth Taylor to Julia Roberts from Audrey Hepburn, back on the most beautiful wedding dresses that have marked the history of cinema. “They got married and had many children.” “Past childhood, this kind of cinematic conclusion us as much satisfied.” The endings to the Walt Disneyleave gradually place scenes of mythical weddings, be they

Clothing Dresses

How to Dress for a Wedding

You have an invitation to a wedding this summer and you’re in need of inspiration for your outfit? Here are basic tips to avoid missteps in addition to some ideas of clothing trends.


Delphine Manivet Wedding Dresses

In a bucolic atmosphere, Delphine Manivet presents its new collection of wedding dresses always also desirable at the bend of a lookbook that you don’t get tired of flick. The year 2016, Delphine Manivet offers us a country wedding, obsolete and bucolic. Exit the show off, we pretend the ring finger in an old house family, far from the […]