Cuckoo Clock

Time is in everything, even though the need to tell time is a millennial necessity, necessarily human, arising from our mortal needs, such as the ideal time to plant and also to harvest food; To count the moons cycle and the respective periods of tides; And even to know where we were, who we were, where we go, how we go, etc.


Wall Clock for Decoration

Wall Clock

The wall clock is now no longer just a tool to see the current time in any room. Increasingly, this clock is used also for decoration. Especially in the living room and the kitchen wall clocks are used. Because the clock is no longer used for indicating time, many designers have established themselves that have created real works of art from this practical subject. To every furnishing style and many rooms appropriately, you can find wall clocks, combining practical use with improvement of living comfort.


How to Choose a Radio Clock

Friday, March 22 will be the world sleep day. It is aimed at aware us of issues related to sleep disorders and the health need to have a set sleep and recovery.This year the focus will be on the environment and the reduction of the disturbing factors are: light, noise and temperature. We must sleep, to well to wake up. The opportunity for Novadress to draw up a small panel of the radio alarm clocks.


Square Wall Clocks Online

If you love a simple design that favors the strict lines, squares wall clocks are perfect for you. Put that in your living area, kitchen, or in the study: the environment will give a note of unparalleled elegance. Classic, modern, avant-garde or the back: each one will find the model that best reflects their own tastes. Find out more with online shopping!

Square wall clocks: refined elegance

Some furnishings are equipped with a strong personality and great decorative potential, which can fully express if placed in the right context. Among these are the square of wall clocks, authentic masterpieces of design, which allow you to transform your home into a temple of style and good taste. Hang a large square clock on the wall above the console input and be enchanted by its rhythmic clicking sound that seems to want to stop time. Modern or antique, digital or analog, pickled wood or metal: the choice of square wall clocks is virtually endless and it will be impossible not to find one that is right for you.


Types of Wall Clocks: Modern, Retro and Stick

Time is certainly variable, which is very important for us. How else would we know what time to get up to school or to work, when we are riding the bus or when the film begins in the cinema? The clock is simply a thing without which none of us can do.

Classical vs. design

The term classic clocks imagine those that are round, they have a typical dial with Arabic numerals and hands. This type of clock you can come outdated, but still has its place in the interior. They are often seen even in home, schools and offices.

Nowadays, however, people yearn for some designer accessories for your home. Thus, in addition to the basic functions – measurement of time, get another function, which is to complete the interior. Only through hours of boring living room can deliver playfulness, originality and style.