Vintage Women's Hats

Ladies Hats Vintage Style

Impossible not to notice this trend who moved for a few years already. More than a fleeting style, vintage fashion has been very largely democratized and takes even the place on new trends. Lack of renewal in the fashion or nostalgia of the past? Anyway, the look pinup to the dandy, the retro look style seduced both women […]


Vintage vs Fripes

While among experts, this question does not deserve to be raised so the answer is obvious (the pure vintage and hard not flirts with impunity “fripaille”), for the uninitiated and the general public, the distinction may deserve explanation to clear up misunderstandings. Faced with the enthusiasm generated for the vintage, it is common to find that the […]


Vintage “Dusty”

In today’s post I show a house in London, with the grayscale interior and vintage-style, with the tranquility and the elegance of the neutral palette and “dusty”. The color, the atmosphere and the ambiance that was created, produce peace and quiet.


Turbans:When the Retro Fashion, Culture and Religion Mix

Turbans are beautiful and, in some cases, controversial. Much more than simple beauty accessories, this is an ancient and very important attire in some countries and cultures. Who explains the subject is Rosangela Fernandes, fashion consultant of the National Esmalteria.


This Is The Vintage Flaneur Year 2016

Love strollers, the new year is already almost 2 weeks, but before louder plans we make it until now, to pull the obilgatorische resume along with views of upcoming.This is no wonder, it is truly much to, exciting, new!


Retro Fashion Clothing

Moossye: Two big favourites this year, the first for the Venuz, for once a collective meeting of the young designers that highlight the custo and originality, it’s important to note! Preference for the tabs of Zarzar and the guard Laurianne dress, from the factory to bubbles (see Portraits of young stylists for more info)! And then of course, there’s Nikita coming […]


What to Wear with Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit, overalls, playsuit or Onesie-the iconic one piece which again delights us again this season with fantastic shapes and materials, has many names and speak with as many arguments for themselves: He is mutable, comfortable, stylish and super easy to combine. Especially fashion lazy have at their pleasure Jumpsuit: Without having to worry too much about combinations must […]


Fossil Breaker Dive Watch

To have as much style on land and under water Fossil creates Breaker, a man’s watch that breaks with the usual codes of diving watches, while combining technical and design. Technical watch, design, modern and vintage. Impossible ? Not really! Fossil successful indeed a nice mix of styles with his new diving watch called Breaker.