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Vintage vs Fripes

While among experts, this question does not deserve to be raised so the answer is obvious (the pure vintage and hard not flirts with impunity “fripaille”), for the uninitiated and the general public, the distinction may deserve explanation to clear up…
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Retro Fashion Clothing

Moossye: Two big favourites this year, the first for the Venuz, for once a collective meeting of the young designers that highlight the custo and originality, it’s important to note! Preference for the tabs of Zarzar and the guard Laurianne dress, from the…
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Glitter Vintage Dress

For vintage dress for the holidays why not dare rhinestones and glitter? you’ll be fabulously beautiful shining brightly for the then parties dare bling bling with jewelry vintage, ethnic or original in feathers and rhinestones, dare dresses frou frou and lamé and…
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