USB 3.0 Type C

The hub USB 3.0 4 ports for connecting peripherals USB-C and USB-A to your laptop or your Chromebook, with a single USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3.

Prepare to move to the C-USB

This USB hub 3.1 Gen 1 allows you to extend your USB connection options through USB-port C of your computer. With its USB-C port and three USB-A ports , you can connect USB devices traditonnels while preparing for the future influx of peripheral USB Type-C.


How to Solve USB Problems

Sometimes it is jinxed: A USB device, such as a USB mouse or keyboard, working initially fine, but suddenly stops in the middle of operation, the employees. This happens when the computer accidentally interrupts the power supply of the USB port. The solution is fortunately easy.


Usually it is sufficient, first abzustöpseln no longer functioning USB device from the computer and then connect it again, Windows will detect the device right away again, and you can continue to work normally. In our computers that happens often, for example with the Bose USB speaker system. If the computer is not in use for long time, then suddenly the speakers no longer work. Only when we pull out the USB connector, wait a few seconds and then reconnect the speakers will not function.


Merry USB Hubs will Expand Computer

When someone asks you what your mouth, not necessarily sproťák hungry for information about your mouth. Maybe just wants to know what kind of device you distribute your computer.

Options to two orphaned ports do simple example of quadruple, are many. Just device called a USB hub. Their manufacturers are no biscuit and design are very varied.

1st Pig

A little fun into the grayness of everyday office or managerial duties will certainly bring this sow with three piglet. This serves as a portable USB flash drives.

2nd Plane

This “Historyaah” has only two USB hubs under each wing, but also a propeller, which serves as a fan. Although no speed control, but when you are hot and just two functions: blowing – blowing. The disadvantage is a higher noise level, just as in the aircraft.