Transforming the Look of the Edge of the Beach

Sets Of Edge Of Beach

The official look on the beach is a bikini or bathing suit, right? But when we’re leaving (or arrived) can invest in some parts that transform the look, without much exaggeration and nothing too elaborate. With the right clothes can get out of the sand and go to the restaurant, in the bar for happy hour on the beach, among other appointments. Here are some pieces to invest: (more…)

Gisele BÜNdchen Voice Loose On Clip With Bob Sinclair!

The Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen (33), let out the voice in a re-recording of the song “Heart of Glass”, the band’s classic Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry, played by in 1979, to a campaign of the brand H & M. The production is made by French DJ Bob Sinclair who has several successful hits along the musical career and was shown exclusively on “Good Morning America” on Monday (20). (more…)

Banana Swimwear Sales

You are always on a quest for the swimsuit that will accompany you this summer ? Opt for originality and the trend in the pure State with the Banana Moon swimwear ! For the summer sales, Banana Moon swimwear are up to-40% at Beach Store Cannes ( and at the3Suisses (link: With Banana Moon, they are collections that will give you immediately want to fly to nearest beaches.Then discover the balances Banana Moon swimwear summer 2012 through our lovely selection. (more…)