Tips for Preppy Style

Speaking of starting school. Preppystilen lives on. In autumn format slightly rough with more clothing and materials to use. These ten tips for success with style.

Bags & Shoes

Azalea Collection Summer

One of the largest companies in Brazil in the footwear segment, the azalea always presents to their consumers with collections marked by beauty and quality.Innovative, always in search of new ways and attitudes to make shoes, resulting in success of sales figures.


Models of Women’s Shoes with Sheat and Dress (Modern Looks)

For you woman the Puma women’s sneaker offers not only beauty and modern design, but also much comfort and convenience for your day to day activities. A brand that is already known and recognized in many countries around the world, offers everything that women need good shoes to withstand strong impacts, offering models that appeal to different […]


Men’s Oakley Cap Models

Always betting on quality the brand of cap of the masculine Oakley is only one of several items that this brand offers with all the quality and comfort that are essential principles of the brand.


Check out Brands and Models of Modern Men’s Polo Shirts

The modern man today needs to have in his wardrobe at least one men’s polo shirt to ensure a sleek, modern and tasteful look. And very versatile this piece can dress you for many occasions ranging from casual to most formal, and anyways, always with a lot of elegance and charm.


Tennis Shoes

The Fila shoes manufactured by the brand that bears the same name are found in the market in the most varied models, each one manufactured for a specific purpose, with which they are found offering a lot of technology and also varied materials, all to guarantee the practicality and the quality of the footwear, which with this […]


Hydration Belts and Backpacks

In the old days, just normal sneakers and shoes were enough to run. Today, the appeal to health and well-being, well publicized by advertising media, has given new impetus to the practice of the race. Many accessories can be considered superfluous, others essential. The need for each is that it will determine what is really needed for the […]


The Ugliest Shoes in the World

What woman loves to buy many and many shoes is no secret for any man, but, those on the list nor for free anyone wants. How about addressing a subject that all of us women love? The shoes . But this is not a selection with the most beautiful shoes in the world, not a list with some of […]