New Rate 79 Orange Dolphin

Warming to the launch of the iPhone 4 in Spain, through the client area of Orange is revealed a new “flat rate” of voice and data It complements the renovated Orange rates.


Earth Hour: Lights out Snap – and Global Light Consciousness

When on March 23 on time 20:30 world the lights go out, not about Klingons have destroyed the Earth’s energy system. Rather, millions of people on the light switch have pressed and submerged her house in darkness. Many places of interest will remain black. On Saturday Earth Houris back around the world at half nine local time. Since 2009 the WWF in […]


Android One: Smartphones for Emerging

Motorola did before already with the Moto G and Moto E , now Google itself would like to tighten: with the Android one project, the search engine giant wants to tap into emerging markets.


Free Memory and Make Your Phone Faster with RAM Optimizer

RAM Optimizer is a free memory optimization application that promises to make your Android smartphone faster with just one touch.The app monitors processes that are open in the background, whether third-party programs or system tasks, and can close them as needed.It is also indicated for cases of overheating of the device, or when the battery is […]


Review of Samsung Galaxy A9(2016): A Battery Running Android

Samsung Galaxy A line is intended for the public looking for intermediate models that contain, above all, a good construction.  The Galaxy A9, known out there as Galaxy A9 Pro, fulfills these requirements well, and brings with it a great differential-literally great-which is its 5000 mAh battery. Find out how my days were testing out the […]


ZTE V9: the Cheap Competitor of Galaxy 7

Well, when I wrote this article the price difference between the Chinese and Korean tablets was 375 reais. But the two companies lowered their prices. Check it: ZTE is a Chinese company famous for putting cheap Android phones.The goal now is to expand this strategy. The ZTE V9, like the Galaxy, is a 7-inch tablet.In […]


Smartphones Are the Computers of the Future

Disappear normal computers soon complete from the image area 2012-We live in a very fast time. The technology continues to develop very fast and almost every day new “super hardware” comes onto the market. What you buy today, tomorrow is already old-fashioned, no matter whether TV, notebook or smartphone. Our smartphones, successors of originally designed only for the telephoning […]


Nfc? Understand What Is Written On The Box Of The Smartphone

Excess of acronyms and technical terms makes it difficult to choose the right appliance; find out what each means NFC, MHL, dual core, Glonass. This alphabet soup is well known to anyone who has ever searched for information on a smartphone. Unfortunately, many sites of manufacturers bring few explanations of the meaning of each symbol […]