Cell Phone Use Behind The Wheel: Researchers See Alarmingly High Rate

Driving and parallel on the Smartphone touch or read-according to transport researchers, it happens unfortunately far too often. Ask for more controls.

The handle is increasingly becoming the traffic risk to your Smartphone while driving. So have traffic psychologists of TU Braunschweig observation of 12,000 passing cars found that 4.5 percent of the driver by handling their Smartphone were distracted. That are still more than when the phone calls have been observed. In the yet unpublished study reported by the NDR, they speak of an “alarming high rate of typing while driving”.


Acer Android Devices

Acer introduced its first Android device all in one (AIO) last Mobile World Congress and, during the next IFA Berlin, follows a new template named DA241HL.

The product is basically a 24-inch tablet with Tegra 3 quad-core CPUs and Android Jelly Bean 4.2; for the first time an NVIDIA chip is used on a non-mobile device which, as States the same company, will offer users an experience familiar to ordinary users of tablets and Smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy S7: Passive Cooling Lumia 950XL Style

In a market where new products will sell only if they are the best of the previous numbers level, data sheet, benchmarks and performance, it becomes increasingly important to be able to contain the heat of top range processors which, in addition to having a very high core count, they also have higher clocked at 2 GHz, all in tiny size and especially inside shells decidedly disinclined to get cold very quickly. In addition there are software that allow you to make more and more operations simultaneously and even transform into PC.

The Lumia 950XL was one of the first smartphones to integrate a passive cooling system using internal fluid passing from one point to another device through a coil. A solution is not unique but still little used. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy 5: Comparison Specifications with 4 Notes and Notes 3

Unlike the Galaxy S6 Edge +, the Galaxy 5 is an important novelty in the panorama of international mobile. Although the release of this product doesn’t involve Europe, at least for the moment, notes 5 is definitely a considerable step forward compared to 4 Notes. The series Notes aligns the S series for aesthetics, materials and specifications. Although the RAM is greater than the S6, well 4 GB, for the first time the series notes not brings an improvement for processor and hardware in General. 5 notes is virtually identical to the current S6 and S6 Edge, as well as S6 Edge + and mounts the CPU Exynos 7420 which premiered in February. (more…)

Samsung First in a Slowing Smartphone Market

Although Samsung has been the largest manufacturer of smartphones also during the second quarter, overall shipments of mobile phones will be smaller than forecast.

As noted by TrendForce, shipments of smartphones will grow 8.2 percent in 2015, the year-over-year, a rate lower than the 11.6 percent expected. Research firm said the revision on forecasts of market growth is due to a “negative economic outlook” around the world that will lead to a drop in demand. Even worse, the growth rate is far less than the 26.5% that the smartphone market has recorded during 2014 according to Liuxers.com. (more…)