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On my arrival in Växjö the weather could hardly have been better. No clouds, a little wind and mild temperatures.Everything looked like a perfect hiking holiday. But later everything came a little different than I thought at that time.

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3 Tips to Leave on Vacation While at Home

Can’t always travel the entire vacation with the kids. Then, we create a vacation at home. With creativity and humor you can “leave on vacation” even being at home. This week I’m going to give you three tips that you can do every day, or on special days.


5 Tips for Whom will Camping for the First Time

When you talk about camping, some people-like me-frown. Whether due to allergy to insect bites, fear of everything that is a bug, of the dark, of frogs, of getting water in the tent, of losing myself and staying forever in the bush and being raised by wolves or monkeys… Of course many Of these things […]


Nautika Liberty Sleeping Bag

Product Details: Nautika: Sleeping Bag 4ºc A 10ºc Black/Blue-Liberty-Nautika Product: Sleeping bag 4°C to 10°C black/blue-Liberty Brand: Nautika


Types of Filling For Sleeping Bags

It is important to understand that in a sleeping bag is not any heating element, i.e. it does not heat. Its function is to achieve an optimum temperature to sleep in a nice position, thus preventing the heat generated by the body itself escaping abroad. It is basically an insulating element which should ensure maximum […]

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Synthetic Fiber Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bag is the element that will allow us to spend a night in the mountain, either in a shelter or bivouac, causing our body temperature to stay within the proper limits to achieve a pleasant and restful sleep to continue our Activity the next day with sufficient strength.Next we will detail in technical […]


Sleeping Bag Thermal Linings

Liners (or meat bags) are ideal for protecting the interior of the sleeping bag soil, avoiding washing too often and thus increasing the lifetime. These inner bags are either cotton or silk, and sometimes fleece. Silk liners are very light (approximately 130g) and provides a heat gain of 1 to 2 ° C maximum. Cotton meanwhile is […]


Sleeping Bags Down Or Synthetic

Like many outdoor items, sleeping bags are 99% have a down or synthetic insulation. Each with its advantages and disadvantages, simply target the use you make of your sleeping bag to determine the type of insulation that best suits your needs. Down Insulation There are obviously different insulating qualities of down. You may have noticed the numbers that follow […]


The North Face Twin Peaks

How to Change a Cool Autumn Evening in Warmth October is still suitable for camping. Admittedly, the evenings can be a bit cool, but my girlfriend and I have researched the accessory that will change the air too fresh in your tent tropical climate: