Custom Shirts for Women

How To Use Custom T-Shirt-Fashion Tips The t-shirts have always been synonymous with basic look, now are increasingly diverse and modern, making patterns and ways to use very charming. In addition, some people still do customizations on these blouses, applying spikes, laces, studs, chains and much more.


Fashion Red Cloth with Trousers, Skirt, Dress or Shorts

One of the strong tendencies for the winter is the red coat, and this can come in the most varied models, shorter or longer, jaqueta style, wider or more sequins, with double or simple buttoning, with differing collars, in short, for all tastes and styles. Bringing glamor and sophistication all special, these jackets are conquering more […]


2014 Cocktail Dresses

Already approaching the holidays. And as it is a time of celebration and fun, we want to care for the look that will look at events or parties. And the big question arises what may be starting to look perfect? It’s simple, no doubt any about which style show, you should bet on a traditional one that you’ll […]


Closet-Organizing Tips and DIY

A few months ago my sister changed the closet that she had in her room, she drew a that answered to what she needed and ordered, it was beautiful and super her face, it was a lot more organized. So I decided to talk about it here, it doesn’t matter if you have space to create […]


Flower Print Trend • Plus Size Version

Flower print trend · Should you follow trends? Yes, no, maybe! For me: I join with the trends that say to me. For flowers, I have nothing, on the contrary! I like you a lot. Since it can be not so bad to completely dive in the floral outfit


Ciganinha Dresses Short, Long, Looks to Go Out

Who has not heard of this model of ciganinha dresses? This model that brings references of pieces that have already been very successful in the 70’s, is back and now with everything, pleasing women of different tastes and styles. The model that is also known as shoulder to shoulder, is perfect to be used in those […]


Gorgeous Microfiber Party Dresses

You can bet on beautiful models of microfiber party dresses, as this is one more trend in the market that comes to make it easier for you to be beautiful woman at any occasion. The models are quite varied and you will see models adjusted to the body, models in the style tubinho, straight, with skirts […]


Gym Clothes Overalls, Leggings, Blouses and Shorts

Always bringing news the numerous brands of clothes for the gym leave you a huge choice. Of course, fashion chooses the one that best suits your physical type, your style and your way of being. And not everything that is fashionable is usable. With lively colors and very relaxed the pieces arrive in several models, and you […]


Blusinha Regata with Lace: Wear with Skirt, Shorts, Pants …

The lace tank top models are fashionable, and these can be totally in lace or can still bring lacy detail, neckline, back, or cuts and cuts, which depend on the taste of each woman. In a wide range of options you will find models for all tastes, in very varied fabrics such as satin, silk, viscose, knit, […]


Ideas for Dressing Well and Don’t Miss

Talk about looks for work on the history of women’s struggle for the conquest of labor, which reveals how it was possible to change society in many ways. Not just rights but in behaviour and, of course, in fashion.