How to Use: Asymmetrical

Asymmetry is one of the main focuses of this summer 2012. Dresses, skirts and blouses shorter on one side and longer on the other can value parts of the body, hide others and transit between the elegance of the long and the practicality of the short.Diagonal bars, different lengths between the layers and the back longer than the front have […]


Tips for Wearing Vests Without Jacket

Are you all right? Wear full suit (trousers, vest and jacket) on the hottest days can often make you spend a hell of a heat, huh? Yes! So why not invest in the wear of the vest without a jacket for more formal occasions or events? Or else to set up more casual looks, for […]


How to Prepare the Engagement Party?

Got engaged? Learn how to organize a charming, simple and delicate engagement party step by step! The engagement is a moment always surrounded by a lot of emotion for the couple and their families. It is the confirmation of commitment, love and marks the beginning of a new life cycle. In this post, we will talk about everything […]


Learn How to Buy Your Plus Size Lingerie

No more hiding your sensuality. Gone the days when women had to “hide their bodies and nothing prevents them from wear a plus size lingerie to feel even sexier! The important thing is to enhance your curves and make you feel sexy and powerful, every woman with your body type.

Jackets Jeans Shirts

Traveling in Jeans and T-Shirt

Apologies for the delay for the second post of Ko Phi Phi, but the trip really come on and internet is not always the easiest things to find here. We spent 4 days in Ko Phi Phi. And I could spend a whole month there. For those who are planning a visit to Thailand, I strongly suggest this […]


Female Shorts of Fashion

Before we talk about women’s shorts, let’s just pause to remember that men already used to show their legs back in the Middle Ages, and women took much longer to win this right, and that was in the 1930s. And you know how this piece came to the women’s wardrobe?Believe it or not, it was […]


Gym Clothes Overalls, Leggings, Blouses and Shorts

Always bringing news the numerous brands of clothes for the gym leave you a huge choice. Of course, fashion chooses the one that best suits your physical type, your style and your way of being. And not everything that is fashionable is usable. With lively colors and very relaxed the pieces arrive in several models, and you […]


Blusinha Regata with Lace: Wear with Skirt, Shorts, Pants …

The lace tank top models are fashionable, and these can be totally in lace or can still bring lacy detail, neckline, back, or cuts and cuts, which depend on the taste of each woman. In a wide range of options you will find models for all tastes, in very varied fabrics such as satin, silk, viscose, knit, […]


What Is the Difference between Sport and Sports Costume

Similar nomenclature leads many to mistake, but make no mistake, there is no difference between sport and sports costume, costume also confuse the two can make you commit terrible gaffes, as these are totally different outfits, used in very different times. See below: