Adidas Rainbow Pack

Adidas Rainbow Pack

As a tribute to the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bi and trans understand), Adidas offers its Originals products revisited in the colours of the Rainbow in his Pack Pride. To celebrate color diversity and equality and to display its solidarity.


Custom Shirts for Women

How To Use Custom T-Shirt-Fashion Tips The t-shirts have always been synonymous with basic look, now are increasingly diverse and modern, making patterns and ways to use very charming. In addition, some people still do customizations on these blouses, applying spikes, laces, studs, chains and much more.


Dna Groove

Now for the fall when other designers are betting on the gray and gloomy colors make DNA Groove exactly the opposite. With an obvious wink to the 60 ‘s modsera and a color spectrum as wide as imaginatively, none allowed to be charmed by the brand’s playfulness. Behind the design for the Swedish market, says the Italian Alessandro Detassis, who runs […]


Black, Short and Fairly – My Elected

I’m not a fan of trousers, even more of the skinnytype. Always give preference to the skirts, dresses and jumpsuits free. When I was a kid, had trauma of my skinny legs and teens here, caught the wave of boyfriends and flare, but always ran away from drained. Of both admire the looks always chics […]


CARDIGAN Male; Jeans to Wear, with Pants Or Shorts

With the arrival of winter everything is worth to stay in fashion and still well protected from the low temperatures, after all the friak displeases to many, but if you are a man of style, you will also like to see how to use a men’s cardigan be it open or closed.


Types of Fabric Patterns of Suits and Blazers for Men

In addition to suits and blazers flat, you can find various patterns of fabrics that can give a austere air to your costume or make him more relaxed, some of them, like the Pinstripe pattern, are very common to find both on the streets and in shops; others are more rare, but no less interesting, […]


Look AMARO: Dress With Jacket Bomber!

The look of today is full of fashion trends that you find in AMARO. Bet on an unusual combo: dressed in bomber jacket–and what could go wrong was super pretty and different. The striped dress is super trendy, the full-bodied fabric-jacquard-is perfect for use both in a night during the summer and in the winter with tights and boots.


2014 Cocktail Dresses

Already approaching the holidays. And as it is a time of celebration and fun, we want to care for the look that will look at events or parties. And the big question arises what may be starting to look perfect? It’s simple, no doubt any about which style show, you should bet on a traditional one that you’ll […]


Tips for Wearing Vests Without Jacket

Are you all right? Wear full suit (trousers, vest and jacket) on the hottest days can often make you spend a hell of a heat, huh? Yes! So why not invest in the wear of the vest without a jacket for more formal occasions or events? Or else to set up more casual looks, for […]


How to Prepare the Engagement Party?

Got engaged? Learn how to organize a charming, simple and delicate engagement party step by step! The engagement is a moment always surrounded by a lot of emotion for the couple and their families. It is the confirmation of commitment, love and marks the beginning of a new life cycle. In this post, we will talk about everything […]