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Azalea Collection Summer

One of the largest companies in Brazil in the footwear segment, the azalea always presents to their consumers with collections marked by beauty and quality.Innovative, always in search of new ways and attitudes to make shoes, resulting in success of sales figures.

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Models of Sandals with Ankle Bracelet for the Summer

Meet The Models Of Sandals With Ankle Bracelet The sandals are among the most commonly used footwear models for women this time of year, due to hot weather. And among so many options and different styles, there’s always the trends of the moment, which ends up calling the attention of those who are more connected in […]


Draw: the Rei Mi Walk & Naturino

Hiiii love! Prepare another lottery mega special, but this time who will win a pampering are the junior Rozan Shakya. Hehehehehe! Our “Palpitinhos” are making the biggest success, moms are crazy with the owls fofurices we show here on the blog for the Cubs. No one can resist! You remember the story we did on the children’s footwear from The REI […]


Low-Heeled Sandals: Models, Tips and Photos

Shoes are the favorite articles of many women, who have several pairs of models and sizes of different heels. To work, low-heeled shoes are chosen by some people to be more comfortable and feel safe when walking. For the summer, low-heeled sandals may be the most recommended for those looking for comfortable footwear. However, it is not necessary to […]


The Ugliest Shoes in the World

What woman loves to buy many and many shoes is no secret for any man, but, those on the list nor for free anyone wants. How about addressing a subject that all of us women love? The shoes . But this is not a selection with the most beautiful shoes in the world, not a list with some of […]

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4 Types of Sandals That You Should Have This Season

Spring is finally here and most of you will be thinking about the renewal of your wardrobe, from spring clothing to the most appropriate footwear for the warm season. It is time to say goodbye to our beloved boots and welcome to a fresh pair of sandals; This is why we have for you the […]


What to Wear with Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit, overalls, playsuit or Onesie-the iconic one piece which again delights us again this season with fantastic shapes and materials, has many names and speak with as many arguments for themselves: He is mutable, comfortable, stylish and super easy to combine. Especially fashion lazy have at their pleasure Jumpsuit: Without having to worry too much about combinations must […]

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Birkenstock Sandals Trend

Why actually only at home with comfortable shoes running around? The question Heidi Klum already years ago turned and collection brought out so their own Birkenstock sandals and missed a new, stylish touch to the Birkenstock brand. She has Birkenstock trend technically pretty “revamped”. Other celebrities such as Tom Cruise or Madonna wear Birkenstock. But the Birkenstock-look hot […]


How to Choose Sandals

Sandals are the best shoe of the summer season. In town or at the beach, they are everywhere. For not torturing your feet, however it is important to choose the right model. Discover all our tips for choosing your sandals!