How to Choose the Ideal Top for Workout

Do your favorite sport with the wrong sneakers and see what happens. The same is true when you risk practicing your favorite mode with a wrong top. And believe me, most women are wrong in choosing yours. A US-based survey of fitness and physical activity experts found that women tend to buy tops that over-tighten their breasts, but whose breasts (the one that surrounds the base of the breasts and back) are loose.


Where to Buy Bathing Suits for Swimming

These days people no longer give importance only to money, that is, many began to give importance to something which is fundamental to all of us that is health, because in order to be able to perform all the tasks of everyday life it is necessary to have a healthy life. If you are concerned about your health and are looking to improve your quality of life ideally bet on some things that can bring you benefits such as changing their eating habits, leaving aside those foods that may not offer any benefits and not to mention the practice of physical activity that is essential in any age. (more…)

Running With Heat

1 Plan Your Trips
It activates your body with a workout first thing in the morning, or take advantage of that in the spring and summer we have more daylight hours to run late in the afternoon. Prevents the Central hours of the day and, if it is not possible, look for shaded routes, attempts that your route has some source where you can hydrate yourself and refresh yourself. (more…)

Tips and Tricks for Running

When spring comes, many people take to start running. At the beginning of the new year is usually a time when you suddenly see many runners. For many people, “All beginning is difficult.”The good news is that there are many tips and tricks to start running to be a success. A good outfit, a good diet and a realistic training are key factors to get pleasure / keep running and keeping in shape. Running is known as a heavy burden on the tendons, muscles and joints. But with proper precautions to reduce these problems often good. Also supplies run before sharing health.


Luiza Wins the 84km and Arrives in Third Place Overall

Luiza Tobar was not even aware of the men and completely dominated the 84km race of the third and final day of UB515, an Ultratriathlon race valid for the South American Championship of Ultradistance, held in Rio de Janeiro in three days. The event that began in Paraty and toured the cities of Ubatuba and Itaguaí, among others, required a lot of effort and effort from the athletes to complete the last stage of this great adventure.