Dresses for Ladies – Models

Dresses Tips and Models for Ladies After a certain age we have to have more good taste for things, that is, we have to know how to dress and how to make some choices, and for that we came to focus on a subject that may interest the women, who are the Dresses for Ladies.


Some Looks for Pregnant Women

Check out looks for pregnant women: fashion, trends, 2017. Pregnancy is a period of intense changes in a woman’s life. Her body begins to make new forms, so it is important to update your wardrobe. In General, pregnant women should choose light clothes, comfortable and fresh.


Pregnant Women’s Trade Shows for Brazil

Gestation is a magical period in a woman’s life. She starts witnessing changes in body and feels that a new life is growing inside you. During the nine months, it is common to mom to make purchases to compose the trousseau and prepare for the arrival of the son.


Pregnancy Test: Nati and Balaram for Vivi Guimarães

5 December 2014 by Nati on Vozza Journals I confess that I thought a lot before doing a pregnancy test. Had no idea formed if wanted or not, as they are not all tests that I like #sinceridade. One of my best friends did and remember loving her, not to mention in the new born of your baby, made […]


Look of Pregnant Crochet Dress

I can’t believe I’m posting a look of pregnant literally! This crochet dress is already the darling of my closet and not for less, because modeling is perfect and you understand my need to be beautiful and comfortable at that stage so hot and complicated lol. The truth is that we think we don’t need “maternity clothes”, until you […]


Fern Woman is Pregnant with Tooth

The ex-wife fern, Danielle Souza, is pregnant with your first child of marriage with the Ukrainian team Shakhtar Donetsk, Dentinho. The news was revealed by the future dad proved very happy with the arrival of your first heir. “I’m the happiest person in the world! More my dream is about to come true. I found out today that I’m […]


Clothes for Pregnant Women Roaches-Where to Buy

When you’re pregnant, the woman cannot wear any type of clothing, much less those who are not comfortable for her and the baby to come. The pregnant women should always fit the body, as hard as that sounds for some pregnant women. Even you gaining a few pounds and your belly, you can dress in the fashion […]


Clothes for Pregnant Women: Photos

The clothes for pregnant women seeking to enhance the main fashion trends, recognising the needs of future moms each season. The pieces are made with quality fabrics and offers comfort for pregnant women without sacrificing visual.


Pregnant and Stylish Pregnant Celebrities

Celebrities have their lives exposed to anyone who wants to monitor and be interested in know what they’re doing around the world. Despite being a theme a bit delicate, some famous people lead a good and accept the busted. One of the situations in which the celebs can’t escape and not deny is when they’re pregnant, it’s hard to […]


Winter Clothes for Pregnant Women

Time was that pregnant women wore baggy clothes and unfashionable. They are incorporating the main fashion trends according to each season, in addition to that, also rely on unique collections that add value to the body of the woman who is expecting a baby. Today, the maternity fashion can enhance the silhouette of the woman, regardless of the size […]