The Royal Family | Kate Middleton Looks Pregnant

It’s not news to anyone that since Kate Middleton married Prince Willian, the news in British tabloídes revolve around the little girl and the events of the Royal family.

And of course speculation about the date of birth of the newest member of the Royal family could not be left out.According to the Mail Online, the baby’s due date to be born on the day 13/07, where curiously coincides with the holidays of the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II.


Mothers with Paint Agnes Resende Fonseca

Many know the name Latitid, the brand of Portuguese bathing suits is making success! Inês, 28 years old, is one of the mentors and responsible for the brand. Super nice, gorgeous, full of paints and an immense good taste, is 37 weeks pregnant from Mercedes.

About to meet the greatest love in the world, share with us tips on pregnancy, must hope chest, decoration; fears, hopes and desires of a first-time mother, very serene.


Mothers with Pt-Francisca Pinto Ribeiro

Frances Pinto Ribeiro Pereira, 33 years old, pretty, radiates good energy, is a super mom, wife and professional. Is pregnant for the third time and about to have Juliet! She currently lives in Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese actor Ricardo Pereira) and recently launched a new project-My Intimate, a lingerie line in partnership with the Portuguese brand Cantê.

In this interview tells us about the pregnancies, the kids, your day to day and how you can do several things at the same time. And, of course, about the importance of family in your life!


Mothers with Paint #6-Mafalda Pathik

Mafalda Pinto Leite

36 years, 3 kids, 3 edited cookbooks, pretty and super nice!

A mother like many of us, to reconcile motherhood with a professional design. Mafalda regularly sharing on facebook, and soon on your site, recipes and tips with the goal of encouraging people to eat better, to discover new ingredients and to understand the nutritional factors of food. I’m a fan! The practical recipes in a carefree style and refined at the same time, the crockery, cutlery, colors. The photos that accompany the recipes are wonderful and a source of inspiration.


Launch of My Wardrobe!

Geeente, who follows me on social networks, if you do not follow me enjoy the rock, you know that I was invited by the brand of clothes for pregnant and lactating women Ella to create Urban my own line!! Besides being super honored with this invitation, I was too happy to be able to create pieces that were really be useful, not only in pregnancy, but then also to breastfeed the baby. I also made the point that she had a great quality and fair price for worthwhile for everyone!!


Pregnant Bridesmaids Dresses: Photos

Getting pregnant is the dream of thousands of women from around the world. But in these nine months the body changes and all the clothes in the wardrobe began to serve more in the last months of pregnancy.Many don’t even bother with it. However, when it is called for a gala party and are in an advanced stage of pregnancy find dresses starts to get complicated. Not everything looks good and it’s hard to know what really brings your beauty. So, split up some tips for pregnant bridesmaids.


Lingerie for Pregnant Woman

Get pregnant does not mean losing the sensuality and having to wear underwear dull and you don’t value the female body. Quite the contrary. Pregnancy is a time of major bodily changes, in that the woman must have the self-esteem strengthened. The use of special underwears, highlighting the strengths of pregnant women in the various gestational, will really make you do the future mom feel good about yourself and more confident. Stay on top of it and check out lingerie models for pregnant woman.


Maternity Clothes Online

Pregnancy is one of the moments that the woman is more sensitive, and more when you go out to look for clothes, do not always have success in your search. Fortunately the pregnant woman may be increasingly quiet being that each new season designers are thinking about them and manufacturing so beautiful pieces.Be pregnant or be chubby these days, it doesn’t mean that this woman will not be able to follow the fashion trends and enhance what’s more beautiful.