How to Calculate Your Pregnancy Due Date

Here’s How to calculate the delivery using a valuable tool that provides many useful information about visits, ultrasounds, food and everything that a pregnant woman must keep tabs on during gestation.

When born? Here’s the first thing that the friends they ask you when you communicate to them the good news, and so it is not uncommon to panic for the correct count of weeks pregnant. The first thing that we should clarify the duration of pregnancy, which is not nine months as you’ve always believed and how all you have said, or rather, is the method of measurement which is incorrect. When it comes to pregnancy must be counted in weeks. (more…)

Where to Buy Maternity Wedding Dresses

More and more women decide to get married when they are already pregnant. A beautiful way to cap the union of love, since the altar you arrive already in three and in child is somehow “participant” of the ceremony, though from inside the belly of his mom!

The fashion best suits the needs of reality: in recent years we have seen the dresses get wider and closer to life. But until recently they were confined to a big satin bow under the bust and a boot cut, tricks that were sufficient to cover a flat stomach by three, four months pregnant. But now a growing number of moms who come to say “Yes” even in seventh, eighth month (even on the ninth month)!


Maternity Fashion Fall Winter 2016

Dear mothers,

Let’s face it: being pregnant during cold spells has its advantages! And this not only because it avoids the hot summer crowds with all its consequent inconvenience, but also because you can wear comfortable clothes which mask the shapes and make us feel safe and warm. offers many and varied solutions to look smart with a big belly but without sacrificing comfort: I don’t know about you, but I prefer to always dress comfortable, let alone with the bump!

That said, convenience should not be the equivalent of easy elegance. And indeed this year the fashion allows us to be trendy and super feminine thanks to soft cuts and sinuous lines that well suited to those who, by gift of pregnant, has some wonderful curve.


Advice on Buying Maternity Clothes

Future mommies to the earliest months, this post is dedicated to all of you. I’ll tell you when my tummy started to rise and I found myself struggling with a pleasant date: maternity shopping!

When it comes to expecting mothers, you’ll have it looked at you, advertising, newspapers and shop windows we offer hundreds of articles. Panties, bras, sweaters, dresses, coats, tracksuits …

My advice is: go there with caution, because in many cases what you already have in your closet can take you up to the ninth month, or you can buy just a little larger, without resorting to maternity wear that in my experience costs more “normal” leaders and often has lower quality.


Natural Substances in Pregnancy

Natural substances in pregnancy, those that we shouldn’t take during maternity because it can hurt the health of the fetus and the mother. Here’s everything you need to know.

With the spread of biological culture and theories anti drug, has been increasingly tempted to divert their attention on natural substances believing her, not always with correctness, decidedly less dangerous classic drugs. Such adroitness, which should always be taken, should be better taken into account by all women who are pregnant because more exposed to risk factors. (more…)

Maternity Fashion 2016

Here is the maternity fashion 2016 and the right clothes to be comfortable and stylish at the Office . From pencil dress color powder pink to match with a dark blazer dress polka dots from retro touch, this is the fashion for mom this year! Office & trendy outfits put for the belly … with style!

Stripes, dots, lace and colored cotton fabrics and patterns of maternity fashion of 2016.Comfortable and stylish clothes for the Office this year are indeed more cool than ever. (more…)