All about Maternity Leave

Rights For Pregnant Women Almost all women come to a stage in your life when you wish to form your family, with husband and children. That goal is often flustered by the plans, which the prevent of diminish the pace of work at the time that you want. That’s why, nowadays, most women well resolved and representatives […]


Tips for Baby Belly Photography

Nine months of pregnancy are a real experience. Particularly exciting is the ever-growing baby belly. Remember never to make beautiful baby belly photos for eternity! A baby belly is incredibly fascinating. Some are others are quite small, a large ball. In some women, he sits very deeply with others more fully on the hip. But no matter how your belly, […]

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Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring during Pregnancy

When I went into labor, I went to motherhood but, once there, no dilation progressed. The doctor referred me to an examination to monitor the baby’s heart rate and see if everything was all right with him. Thanks to this monitoring, we have seen that-Yes, everything was OK and if I wanted to, I could go home and […]

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Tips on Avoiding Fluid Retention during Pregnancy

Tips on how you can prevent fluid retention during pregnancy Nothing worse for feminine vanity than feeling bloated, realize that all the tips and effort to win a fit body was in vain, after all not being able to get into those favorite jeans is frustrating, not to mention the belly that seems bigger and bigger.


About Caesarean Section

Naturally or by caesarean section: Not always the expectant Mama’s choice. Must be operated, the pregnant women has many questions to the caesarean section itself and the process before and after the surgery. About one in three children in Germany is born by caesarean section. The operation has become the routine operation and relatively low risk. Although most […]

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Dangers of High Heels During Pregnancy

Let’s figure out what shoes is really better not wear, both for the health of the mother’s child. The classic bolt cutter, or in general the shoe or boot with ‘ upside ‘ is to be avoided are pregnant that early breastfeeding first of all for one simple reason: the real risk of falling.

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How to Calculate Your Pregnancy Due Date

Here’s How to calculate the delivery using a valuable tool that provides many useful information about visits, ultrasounds, food and everything that a pregnant woman must keep tabs on during gestation. When born? Here’s the first thing that the friends they ask you when you communicate to them the good news, and so it is not uncommon to […]