Customize Your Own Hoodie Designs
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Customize Your Own Hoodie Designs

The Custom Hoodies: Many Opportunities. Custom sweatshirts offer a range wide enough opportunities. No panic, we are here to help you make the right choice. Come on, we take you with us a moment to detail a little more these categories and better understand the differences between each of them.

Large Size Harem Pants
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How to Wear Harem Pants Plus Size?

He made his comeback! Cut, material, color: you are told to choose and wear it with style, while flattering your figure. Follow the guide! This is the great return of harem pants (trousers, in Hoticle). And the good news is that it is not helpful to be top model to be able to wear it […]


Plus-Size Events

The fashion industry has so much more to offer than boutiques with clothing. It is a world of its own with fame, glamor and spectacular shows such as the numerous fashion weeks in Berlin, New York and Co. But what about plus-size fashion? 

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The Plus Size Fashion Trends

Learn more details about the plus size fashion trends 2015. The main brands of clothes GG already have submitted news to the 2015 summer season, that promise to influence the look of chubby women.

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Spring Dresses for Curvy Figures

Although it is “beyond belief”, the world doesn’t go the same models that would have passed through the eye of a needle in the cool, and the fashion brand knows it, too. We peeked into the spring plus size collections and selected the best pieces for overweight women.


Fashion for Plus Size Women

Either, or. In fashion story take turns extremely skinny babes with several plnoštíhlými exceptions. But what about all those characters with female rounded shapes? Today you can fashion in size 42! Yes, even with ready-made sizes, starting with the Quad you can look stylish. The proof is the plus size fashion model Ivana (in modeling […]


How to Dress if Short and Fat

Everyone is unfortunately not blessed with an imposing length, and then it’s not all that (so far) have taken hold of their weight. Being short and thick is far from desirable. Cards may not be so bad really, it’s not possible to influence, so it is not something you should hang on.


Simple Fashion Tips for Chubby

The dress for wrapping makes every woman look chubby ravishing. Your curves obtained with this garment the perfect stage.The reason are the proportions who manufactures a wrap dress with its simple winding technique. The result is a vertical line that you stretched in the length. In addition, optically upper body and lower body separately and are each provided with a […]


How to Dress an H Body Shape

I already gave you styling tips for the Figure type A. Today I want to show friends what womens clothing plus size Figure type H fits. Women feel often unfeminine, with the body of a H-types because they lack the soft, feminine curves. There is little waist, shoulder, body and hips are almost the same width. With this rectangular body […]


Fashion Tips for Plus Size Ladies

If you own a large amount of clothing, then I think often read on the Internet or in fashion magazines tips on how to dress. So with all the basics you probably know. So I will not repeat them in this article. In fact, I want to say that all so-called “rules for the fuller […]