Marsala – Trend Color

Have you heard? The new year is full of energy, because an earthy Burgundy called Marsala is the trend colour by 2015. Now, to the color of the year, she was named by PANTONE color specialist. The company based in the United States develops color systems, is working with those in the graphics and printing […]

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This Week’s Outfit: Foppa Slippers

Get garments are so hated. A pair of slippers that stirred up the majority of the Swedish population to the point that apetition now started to stop the rampage. Add to that a recognized shoddily dressed hockey player advertisement and you have a garment that evokes more emotion than what Alex would ever meet, Foppa slippers.


Myths About Bra-Learn the Truth About All of Them

There are many myths about bra and not everything we think we know about the use of them is necessarily true. Some women love Bras, others hate. No wonder that the Act of burning a bra is considered an act of liberation. Get to know the myths about Bras


Check out Brands and Models of Modern Men’s Polo Shirts

The modern man today needs to have in his wardrobe at least one men’s polo shirt to ensure a sleek, modern and tasteful look. And very versatile this piece can dress you for many occasions ranging from casual to most formal, and anyways, always with a lot of elegance and charm.


What Not to Wear on a Job Interview

Being the appearance a form of nonverbal communication, it is necessary to think about dressing up to be to form a sentence. If you do not choose the right words, can pass the wrong message and put it all away.


Michael Kors Golden Bag: Fashion Tips

The North American brand that bears the name of designer Michael Kors is known around the world by printing the logo of the brand with the initials MK in their Luxury handbags. In addition to handbags, sunglasses, watches and shoes are also products of the brand.



Loves …! Hello!!! Last week I went in too beautiful to see what’s new. Posted two pictures in the intagram when I was there. For those who do not follow the instagram of beautiful too, here it is: @lindademais. Run there and stay in the news.


Hat Love

A whole season is here when I Karen, the face behind Tate millinery at the summer festival in Frankfurt first met. I have used the last day with beautiful autumn weather and sunshine and detained a few pictures for you. Directly between the vineyards, with 3 cones of her…


By Blog to Blog-Nissi Mendes Wears Jewelry Jewelry Pirates

If you diligently read our blog, then I am almost certain that this is the only one that you regularly read. Of course, blogs are nowadays not more away to think and give much pleasure the bloggers and their readers. We are very proud that we must be present for the first time in a non-blog with […]