LED Bulbs

10 Advantages of Using LED Bulbs

1) Efficiency-the LED light bulbs emit more light, using much less energy (watt) and may replace halogen or dichroic and even the economic, fluorescent lamps also. For example: you can replace a compact fluorescent lamp 15w a bulb only 7w LED, without losing the lighting efficiency.


Li-Fi the Future Technology in Wireless Communication

Gadget where future technology? Researchers believe the commercial horizon at 2018. After the presentation of the 1st smart phone Lifi at CES in Las Vegas in January 2014, this technology continues to develop. Some experts and industrialists announced 14 LED LIFI billion by 2020 (see article of December 2015 echoes). The potential revenue of the […]


Review: LEDON A66/13W – led “Bulb” for Bright Minds

A dimmable LED replacement for 60-watt incandescent lamps is the new top of the LEDON product range: The A66-“Pear” makes light power from 13 Watts about 800 lumens, shines with high color fidelity and a wide viewing angle. Since January,retrofitspecialists LEDON is clear, where the journey goes in theMeanwhile Independent Austrian led: Consistently high lighting quality, greater […]


LED Instead Of Light Bulb-How Do I Find The Right Replacement?

How do I find the right LED as a replacement for my light bulb? This question has already been asked by all who are slowly and surely converting to environmentally friendly and energy-saving LEDs. The exchange is not quite easy, since one has to pay attention to other criteria when buying, than at that time with the […]

Home & Garden Lights

LED White Lights

Reminder of the different ways to get a white light with an led. -1: combine an LED emitting a short wavelength (in blue) with a yellow phosphor, phosphorus generally. -2: combine an LED emitting in the ultraviolet close coupled to one or more phosphors. -3: combining at least three LEDs emitting visible wavelengths which combine […]


LED Lamps for the Home

Among those is changing chandelier or those who must buy one finds on the market new types that are more and more space between consumers given the very interesting features: led lamps. In many, however, do not know the characteristics in detail, so here I will bring you back some data, a mini guide for Led […]


OLED Light Source

Given the enormous progress that within a few years in the development of Scored LED lighting technology, it will take much longer, in the opinion of many, to the organic light emitting diodes, abbreviated OLED, are sufficiently mature that they also with us to keep home collection. In the organic light is extremely thin light […]


Energy Saving with LED Lights

Fact: It’s out again dark. While we have already overcome annual light rock bottom, no? Fall victim not the winter madness, quickly everywhere make for light. And even new life arises-especially in the electricity meter. So like it was? What type of lamp again how much light and need how much power for this? Otherwise what to observe? The old standard for […]


G24 LED Light Bulb

G24-jacks for compact lamps The G24 is a special high-voltage Jack, which long time was reserved for the compact fluorescent tube. Versions are widespread in the industry, as well as in outdoor lighting lamps for operation with compact lamps into G24 used. Often, they are used in large recessed reflector luminaires.


How to Replace a Flashlight Bulb with an LED

This arrangement allows halving consumption of the flashlight and to quadruple its lighting! As there is no electronic circuit assembly is not sensitive to moisture. Indeed we may face this situation: having light outside in the pouring rain, so we have here a mounting “all terrains.”