How to Clean a Leather Jacket at Home

When you have dirty or stained garments generally decides to machine launder or wash them by hand. If the dirty heads are mild, such as a leather jacket that is used for years and never goes out of style you choose to take them to the laundry. In this case you leave in the hands of experienced people who know how to handle them. This, however, involves costs that are sometimes difficult to sustain. Reading the tutorial you can get some pointers on how to clean the head with the DIY method, with a few ingredients and in an economical way. (more…)

The History of the Leather Jacket

Since the 50’s to today, leather spans the years and knows how to reinvent itself each season to stay trendy accessory. Versatile, it fits both a sleek, contemporary, urban or trend. Moreover it is a living material, which like wine, gets better with time to blend completely with your image.

Major advantage of the dressing of the man and woman together discover the iconic models of leather that have marked the history.


Tips For Maintaining Your Leather Jacket

As soon as you wear it, the leather undergoes external aggression in the same way as our skin. Pollution, sweat and dust can alter in irreversible ways your bag or clothing of leather. To do this, it is very important to adopt good maintenance actions to protect him and keep him for years.

Before begin you the care of your leather, make sure to identify the type of leather it is to apply the cleaning product that fits its needs.