How to Make a Straw Bag

Renew your summer look is easy, just point to Accessories. This is how you customize a straw bag.

Summer time. There are those who, weather permitting, has already planned weekend at sea, who is mentally praparando wardrobe and luggage because you chose to go on vacation in July. Those who must wait for August or September, but since it’s summer vacation also look for work chooses.


Collection Malbec Duloren: Strength and Security in Your Sexy Lingerie

Sometimes all we need is a little security to get back on your feet, right? And there is something more delicious than wear something that makes us feel good, strong and sensual, as if we could conquer the world?

The collection Malbec from Duloren came to you feel exactly like that, wonderful! With Bras perfect for combining with deep necklines that let the breasts in evidence and briefs with lace work and dental floss on the back to let anyone jaw dropped, come see! Oh, all the parts wear plus size. (more…)