How to Choose a Cell Phone Screen Protector

The key element of a phone is its display. The vast majority of today’s devices are fully controlled through a touch interface and few are those who retain a keyboard. Fashion being what it is, their size is increasing year after year. At the launch of the iPhone first name, 3.5 inches seemed to be a liberal value. Except that since the PHABLET arrived and it became normal to cross slabs of 5.5 to 6 inches.


iPhone Operating System Features

While the current trend directs the smartphone market to screens more and more extensive, Apple plays the originality and renews its small sizes. After the iPhone 5c and 5s, discover the iPhone OS!

  1. A design modeled on the iPhone 5s
  2. A screen of only 4 inches
  3. A disappointing front camera …
  4. … But a very good rear camera
  5. Performance at the height of the iPhone 6s
  6. The iOS 9.3 Apple
  7. A suitable autonomy
  8. Price and release date


Now BitTorrent is a Platform (legal) Streaming Audio and Video

On Thursday (23), BitTorrent has renewed its platform before calling Bundle and renamed BitTorrent Now. The service seeks to attract more artists with a different compensation model. And more users with new applications and refined web interface.

With over 200 million users and 30 000 artists, the service account with Major Lazer, who produced  Lean On with DJ Snake and Mø (it was only known that I have found). The differentiated remuneration aims to meet independent artists, so that everyone can publish their work and gain paywall or ads – but no content pirated there.


iPhone 6s Challenge HTC One M9

The CPU thermal throttling of smartphones has been one of the most discussed topics in this 2015, since the stories have emerged about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. Therefore, on the occasion of the marketing of a new smartphone arrives more or less interesting tests are intended to verify how the temperature rise caused by using go to affect the performance of the device.

The test that we propose today is quite interesting and is primarily aimed at iPhone 6s, the latest top of the range model from Apple. During the test will be considered two scenarios, one based at a normal room with a temperature of 24° and one maintained in a container with ice and water, in order to cool the device. Both tests are often lasting 10 minutes and uses the platform Geekbench 3 to check the progress of the performance through the evaluation obtained in core tests. (more…)

Will the Apple Watch Work without the iPhone?

According to recent speculation the web, the new version of Apple Watch will be equipped with a more powerful processor and its own module for mobile cellular communication, which will provide the clock independence from the iPhone.

While waiting for the release of the updated “smart” watch Apple Watch 2 June (according to still unconfirmed information) gradually clear image of question wearable device by adding more details. One of the main sources of such technique of Apple, resource MacRumors, the new version of Apple Watch will be equipped with a more powerful processor, but also its own module for mobile cellular communication.


Apple Watch Connection to iPhone

Although the long-awaited smart watch Apple Watch to travel several days to its buyers around the world, we are not sure that still many Bulgarians have gotten a new widget on famed California company. However, we decided to prepare concise and clear user setup, connection and synchronization of clock with smart smart phone.

Before you begin:

  • The smart watch Apple Watch can be connected only with smart phones iPhone, a version 5 or higher (iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus). It is necessary the presence of operating system iOS 8.2 or higher. To the iPhone can be connected to only one Apple Watch at the same time.
  • Check whether Bluetooth on the iPhone is active! You can make the menu Settings> Bluetooth> Bluetooth on.
  • Check that the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile network! (See how much to get an iPhone at Internetdict)
  • Plug the Apple Watch by pressing the side button that is located next to (sub) crown Digital Crown. Hold the button until a logo of Apple. Wait Apple Watch to load to display the language selection.
  • Check that both devices are loaded. Place them close together to start seamless connectivity and synchronization.