How to Dress in The Rain

Now that the rain has arrived, we are facing a new dress dilemma that wear with this weather? The editorial ‘meets you with some simple tips.

Now that we have finally turned the page of time “how I dress when it’s 5 ° C in the morning and 20 ° C in the afternoon?”Finish hair uprooting the morning before our dressing room. Finally … Temperatures well have finished playing yoyo, we are now stuck with miserable 10 degrees H24 and rain over, which may not arrange our case. If the weather continues to make you go crazy and you give up facing your wardrobe, the editorial ‘you give her some tips for choosing the right outfit when rain is output.


Hats for the Summer

Among the essential accessories of the season there are the 2016 Summer hats, the more glam by to pack and to wear on vacation. From the classic Sweet colored caps & Gabbana panama to model, here are the essentials.

All ready for swimsuit season, and yet nobody has yet thought that for the first few days at the beach, as well as a brand new bathing suit, we will also need a hat to show off both the beach and when we venture in cities where we go on vacation. (more…)

Winter Hats

For those cold months berets are the most current and fashionable hats in all its models. Wearing them is free, there are no specific rules for their combination.

Barrett perfectly combine both elegant coats and shoes as well as clothes in casual style. The hat firmly adheres to the head and so will not only look good, and it will be warm in the cold outside.


The Most Beautiful Models of Straw Hats to Put on The Beach!

The straw hats are back in fashion, depopulated in the beaches in the roaring seventies and are now in fashion at the beach again but also for getting around, protect themselves from the heat is very useful throughout the day! The straw hat is beloved by women, raise your hand if you did not at least one to show off at the beach, in bikini or vacation? I always carry it to the sea and I have to admit that I wear while on vacation, I like to be a tourist in the wearing tips!


Kate Middleton Wearing Hats Better Than all

The hat is a cult accessory of British fashion, on important occasions, ceremonies and walking outdoors should never miss. The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was awarded the prize of “hat of the year” attributed by the Headwear Association with 91% of the votes, a very important recognition that the duchess has blown to Queen Elizabeth… Apparently Kate Middleton wearing hats better than anyone!