Vintage Women's Hats

Ladies Hats Vintage Style

Impossible not to notice this trend who moved for a few years already. More than a fleeting style, vintage fashion has been very largely democratized and takes even the place on new trends. Lack of renewal in the fashion or nostalgia of the past? Anyway, the look pinup to the dandy, the retro look style seduced both women […]


Knitted Hat with Cat Ears

Funny hats women with ears recently become very popular fashion trend. Of course, these hats are not very many can be seen on fashion runways and high fashion prefers more unusual design, but now the streets to meet those caps – are not uncommon. After all, we all know that although considered high fashion and […]

Accessories Gardening

Accessories for Rain

Spring is also synonymous with rain and in Paris, May is one of the wettest months. If you have the correct accessories, the typical Parisian rain will not disturb your walks.


Hats for Summer

Hat – how to choose the 2013 summer accessory Fashion is the accessories and, among them, an article has been highlighted by the special touch that gives the looks. The hats, in various models, have made the head of the women. The beach to the city, this is an accessory that can both serve to […]


Men’s Oakley Cap Models

Always betting on quality the brand of cap of the masculine Oakley is only one of several items that this brand offers with all the quality and comfort that are essential principles of the brand.


Hat Love

A whole season is here when I Karen, the face behind Tate millinery at the summer festival in Frankfurt first met. I have used the last day with beautiful autumn weather and sunshine and detained a few pictures for you. Directly between the vineyards, with 3 cones of her…


The “Layers” of a Day with Wind-Chill Factor of-17 C

This week it snowed in Toronto for the first time this season (but obviously was the first snow and not yet accumulated in the streets) and the mood of the most concerned about the cold have already begun to overreact. In General, a lot of people ask me here on the blog what they should use […]


The Antique Wall Clocks

You can say what you want, but taste is taste, and each has the your, that in General, whatever the product you think or like, not always this product also is admired by someone, people at the same time that are the same, they are different you know why, we think, […]


Some Different Ways to Wear a Big Scarf

When winter is freezing cold as in these days, you have to admit that there is no other solution but to cover up as much as possible: hat, gloves, down blankets, heavy socks and unfailing perfect scarf to keep us warm and protected from wind.