Simple Halloween Costumes Using Household Items

Mothers must have noticed that hysteria on Halloween to create it mainly you. When, if not then to feel the skin of real witches. Naturally camouflaged everything that is in the name of fun for children. And we Scary party or go to Scary party. And excited to make costumes, sweets, decorations. And squash, and pumpkins … how to forget pumpkins – they are key?
As children get older, however, do not want to go with Mom to the party, most ask for a mask or costume skeleton to go so dressed to school and impress their classmates. (more…)

Halloween All Saints Day All Souls Day

Halloween celebration was born still in pre-Christian times among the Celtic nations of Ireland, Britain and northern France. These pagan peoples believed that life arose from death. The days of cold, darkness and death began in the evening of October 31 at November 1. That is why then they celebrated the launch of their New Year. Druids, their priests, advised people to extinguish all fires and lights in their homes and so the darkness shall prevail. According to pagan Celtic tradition, then the souls of the dead entered the world of darkness to carry out a full merger with Sauin – Lord of Death. Sauin could be subdued and seduced only by the sacrifice to solve the souls of the dead, crossed the border between the two worlds to return home again on this holiday. So after darkness came on openly ignited a huge fire of oak branches, which is sacrificing crops, animals and even people.


Bat Ideas for Halloween 2016

Halloween is not ours, Orthodox holiday is not part of the Bulgarian tradition. In recent years, exotic holiday but having perhaps because of one thing – masking, the ability to diversify a little routine and to get together with friends who do not suffer from prejudices what should and what should not celebrate. The shops felt this trend before Halloween appear already pretty party ideas and decorations according to Halloween however, should not turn into another hysterical shopping, but in a diverse family activity or occasion for a little kretivnost in everyday life.


Kit Smalti Halloween Morgan Taylor

Just a few days the scariest holiday of the year: to make Halloween night a truly out of the ordinary, as well as deciding what to wear for the occasion, you must also choose a themed manicure.

After the roundup of ideas to recreate nail Article frightening designed by our Chiara, we present the proposal of the American brand Morgan Taylor, who will transform our nails in a memorable accessory that will complete the most of our scary look.


Halloween in Around the World

Today Halloween (October 31) is celebrated in many parts of the world but the most popular is in the US.

There feast began to be celebrated in the 19th century emigration of the Irish. More than half of Americans each year decorate their houses for Halloween. Today the only holiday that manages to overpower Scary Christmas euphoria remains, but sales of candy and sweets October 31 hold championship. On this day, children dress in scary costumes and ringing door to door collecting candy. If the owner refuses to give them, they devise mischief for his punishment. This entertainment is known as “draw or will mar mine” (trick-or-treat). Mass costumes for Halloween appear around the middle of last century, when the tradition “or draw will mar mine” becomes an integral part of the holiday. The biggest celebration of Halloween is the Village Halloween Parade and is one of the largest parades. It consists in New York and is visited by more than two million spectators and participants. It begins in the 70s by a master of masks in Greenwich Village. In Canada and the United States, the celebrations began with the arrival of Scottish and Irish settlers in the 19th century. Festivities today include games, making pumpkin lanterns decorating with pumpkins and corn.