How to Dress for 1950s Party

The 1950s featured fashion trends that reflect the sensibilities of post World War II the country and the changing attitudes of the late 1950s / early 1960s to the organizers, a “party 50 years on the theme requires research that some of the trends of the decade survive as pillars of the current mode. Like cultural figures such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley and Doris Day, 50-years time, people kept fashion-conscious cupboards filled with items ranging from skirts to form-fitting saddle shoes poodle.


Natural Summer Makeup Look

The experience of beauty our site at The Space of Milan, with the tricks and tips of the expert to highlight the natural beauty for the perfect summer look.

In the heart of Milan, right in the pulsating center of the most “fashionable Milanese life,” you would not expect to find an oasis entirely dedicated to beauty. An oasis real because it protected from everyday life, hidden away from the hustle-bustle of the center yet located in one of the liveliest areas in Milan, in via Savona 97. The Space is the perfect setting for those seeking something different from the usual beauty treatments and hairstyle salons.
Behind all this there is a charming lady and full of energy. We went to meet with the director our site Luisa Pisano.

Abla Barka welcomed us in a spacious and modern loft, where the concept of salon de beauté blends with the design and fashion, within a space that lends itself to hosting exhibitions, photo shoots, events and openings. The experience Abla offers to its customers is to enhance the beauty in a different and unique characterizes every woman: it starts from the pampering shampoo with massage chairs that make it even more enjoyable classic moment of the shampoo; the next step involves a hair cocktail made ad hoc according to the color and type of hair, served in martini glasses. All accompanied by a sweet made service of organic fruit juices, drinks and snacks available at the bar at the entrance of the loft.


Tips for Perfect Hairstyle

Who said that a man should not take care of your appearance?

I do not mean extreme waxing and eyebrow gullwing, but small daily care ranging from face cream to a few tips for hair too much and especially hair tidy and stylish.

If you also have a man concerned about its looks then you can not fail to give him this new product Invisible Control Styling Spray SP Professional.

It ‘  a spray Strong hold that allows even the most sophisticated styles to last long, with a matte finish, pleasant to the touch and professional.
And you, be brave beauty passionate you can help him by giving him 4 simple tips for the perfect hairstyle!