Android Wear All About the OS to Wearables From Google

Android Wear: All About the OS to Wearables From Google

After the release of the Android Wear in July 2014 by Google, many updates rolled and the software is functional and more full-bodied. Many of the features that we expected to see at the time of the announcement of the mobile giant’s platform of the searches are only being added now too because of the […]


Google Meets Apple

The Google nexus one is there in the US already to buy also in Germany in the spring. Who knows Google: make no half measures-and maybe even the Apple iPhone dispute its cult status.


Use Google Maps Now Offline

Only too well we know it: We are in the middle of the nowhere and we have somehow to manage. Without a proper navigation device, we usually access the smartphone and turn on Google Maps. But this is not always easy. Often, said nowhere is so far removed that the bandwidth of our data connection leaves something to be desired. 


How to Protect Your Private Photos on Your Computer

Actress Jennifer Lawrence’s case shows the importance of caution with personal information The security of information stored on computers and smartphones has returned to the news with the case of actress Jennifer Lawrence . Private photos of the actress ended up in sites on the internet and Apple is investigating the incident .


A Cake for the Androids

Android Cupcake closer lighted image source Cupcake: Flickr, author Pamela; Published under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.


Google Asus Nexus 7

The news is one that undoubtedly draw the eye, as it unveils in swoop new details on two highly anticipated products, uno hardware and other software: on the one hand we have the Nexus Tablet, which ties his name to the Asus logo, the other Jelly Bean, who doesn’t seem to be Android 5.0 but a more […]


Google Shows HTML5 Experiment with Music Video

The music video, also known as video clip, born to be aired on television. Ever wonder if it could be somehow different if it had been designed for today and new forms of media presentation that the Internet provides us?


What Brazilians Most Searched on Google in 2013

As in previous years, Google released the traditional list of the most searched terms in the search engine during the year. Divided in several countries, the ranking also shows information specifically about Brazil and is well diversified: it has provided quality TV programs to questionable government educational projects. The term most sought by Brazilians in […]