Musics of Festa Junina

Junina party music is essential for your party, check out some of the most traditional musics of June party, and enjoy to put them in your party


Our New Lantern Tips Given

To help you find your way back to your camp, to allow you to find a missing widget under the bed to provide lighting when the lights go out, to avoid a constant attacking, there are few tools as useful and essential as the flashlight. If you need to use your hands a lot, like rock […]

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3 Tips to Leave on Vacation While at Home

Can’t always travel the entire vacation with the kids. Then, we create a vacation at home. With creativity and humor you can “leave on vacation” even being at home. This week I’m going to give you three tips that you can do every day, or on special days.


5 Tips for Whom will Camping for the First Time

When you talk about camping, some people-like me-frown. Whether due to allergy to insect bites, fear of everything that is a bug, of the dark, of frogs, of getting water in the tent, of losing myself and staying forever in the bush and being raised by wolves or monkeys… Of course many Of these things […]


Medical Flashlight Professional 4 AA Batteries

The Fenix HP15 Final Edition flashlight is the achievement of perfection, the Fenix HP15 UE has high capacity generates 900 lumens in Turbo mode, powered by four AA batteries or batteries.It has accidental activation lock and reverse polarity protection that protects against improper battery installation.


Top Rated Flashlights

Some current flashlights: You will then present some flashlights that my more like me. Does not mean having them, but that in the case of my mind for some would have very in consideration these models (I obviously do not pay for advertising, it is only for help).


How to Replace a Flashlight Bulb with an LED

This arrangement allows halving consumption of the flashlight and to quadruple its lighting! As there is no electronic circuit assembly is not sensitive to moisture. Indeed we may face this situation: having light outside in the pouring rain, so we have here a mounting “all terrains.”


Flashlight for Camping How to Choose

Consider the affordability of the flashlight. The number of features and the strength of the flashlight can really increase the cost of the flashlight. For example, bright flashlights generally cost more. Be aware of this before you make your choice in your budget.