Aquatop Radio: How to Choose the Right Faucet

The current range of faucets is not easy to choose the right one. Batteries vary in appearance, price, materials used, but also the properties and above all quality. We have prepared for you a few tips on how to go about selecting the battery.

Most of us would prefer levied by appearance, we women so we mostly;). However, we focus primarily on life should surface, tightness, durability in time, water saving and comfort control. It is also useful to know the nature and type of the battery where appropriate. Mixers are divided by place and way location, on the basin, sink, shower, tub and bidet. According to distinguish the location of the wall (which are fixed to the wall with plaster) standing, (they are installed directly on a sink or bathtub) and concealed (in this type of technology is hidden under the tiles). In terms of water regulation distinguish battery mixed and thermostats. According to the control method can be divided into battery withers or lever. Lever mixers are the trend of our times. Excel tightness, quality and comfort of use. Whereas classical withers is rather chosen for aesthetic reasons.


Classic Faucet or Elegant or More Batteries to Equip a Bathroom

The bathroom was recently a big change. From a small space dedicated to personal hygiene over the years has become a decent room used for relaxation. The important Bathrooms include batteries. How to choose the right?

When choosing to focus on besides quality also its style and shape in combination with a sanitary, tiles, floor tiles and other accessories. Conventional batteries withers are retreating. Today usually reach for modern lever mixer with simple operation.

In both bath tub and shower enclosure we prefer thermostatic battery. When installing multiple batteries in a bathroom with focus on products from one series from the same manufacturer.

Different types of batteries

The choice we have batteries withers, lever and contactless. Then standing, and murals that are installed on plaster or below. A distinction is also a battery basin, bath, shower and bidet.


Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

The development of cranes since the beginning of the new century took a flight. The range for both the kitchen and the bathroom has been particularly large. This is both because of technical innovations that greatly increased interest in the design of home accessories. The result is a variety of types of crane in a growing number of patterns and materials. While driving prices further and further apart. But what do you choose now? Below is more information about cranes, where they have to come and the latest trends.

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