How to Make a Straw Bag

Renew your summer look is easy, just point to Accessories. This is how you customize a straw bag.

Summer time. There are those who, weather permitting, has already planned weekend at sea, who is mentally praparando wardrobe and luggage because you chose to go on vacation in July. Those who must wait for August or September, but since it’s summer vacation also look for work chooses.


How to Apply Wallpaper And Adhesive Fabric? SEE the Video

Architect explains the differences between the products that embellish the walls

The search for new trends to decorate the house is common in the world of architects and interior designers. In recent years the wallpaper has become a different option to change the face of the painting. And recently, the adhesive fabrics also hit the market to give a special touch to the environments. (more…)

Best Fabrics to Stay Cool

It’s been Scipio, arrived Charon … imaginary names and imagined by those who wanted to warn us and help us find a defense to these temperatures that are really able to arrostirci all! The air conditioning is turned on everywhere, and so, if I’m on the street to do some errands, within in almost all stores to “take a look” at new collections…… actually within mainly to cool, of course! Other remedies to survive the heat? Drink lots of water, tie your hair and wear clothes that let your skin breathe. About this last point today I want to suggest a bit ‘of fabrics to choose for your look-to-warm-super-sultry-impossible. The best choice would (of course) to walk around with a big air conditioner that there refreshments, but in the absence (alas) of this we can move to alternative solutions.