Two Things about Fashion Weeks

The SPFW is still only beginning and my timeline was flooded with reviews of shows, looks of the day, celebrities in the queue, beauty tutorials of parades, new faces that promise to be the next Gisele.

The truth is that it’s exhausting even SPFW who won’t. That’s a lot of information, some good, useful and inspiring, others that we could have perfectly lived my whole life without knowing it. (more…)

The Many Lingerie Appearances of: Carrie

Continuing the subject of the end of the week… We talk about the success of Norminha’s novel 8, we saw examples of how to show lingerie without doing perigueti. But I could not stop talking about one of the most iconic characters on TV when it comes to lingerie from the outside: our dear Carrie Bradshaw. Guys, you have no idea how many pictures I found. Apparently, it’s strange for her to leave the lingerie hidden. (more…)

How to Dress in The Rain

Now that the rain has arrived, we are facing a new dress dilemma that wear with this weather? The editorial ‘meets you with some simple tips.

Now that we have finally turned the page of time “how I dress when it’s 5 ° C in the morning and 20 ° C in the afternoon?”Finish hair uprooting the morning before our dressing room. Finally … Temperatures well have finished playing yoyo, we are now stuck with miserable 10 degrees H24 and rain over, which may not arrange our case. If the weather continues to make you go crazy and you give up facing your wardrobe, the editorial ‘you give her some tips for choosing the right outfit when rain is output.


Plus Size Fashion-Winter

The fatties finally won space in the fashion world. Yes, no longer need to wear gowns, camisetões and only the few clothes that, until recently, were the only ones found for who was overweight. Now there is even dedicated exclusively to fashion week who wears GG. In February, the Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo, received the third edition of Fashion Weekend Plus Size. Check out some of the autumn-winter trends for women extra-poderosas!


Plus Size Ballerina is Famous with Videos on the Web

Plus size Ballerina is famous with web videos for showing that even though outside the standards imposed by the society to be a professional in the dance, she can sway a lot and show that you can be good at what you do regardless of what others think to your respect. There are many videos that she made showing your moves and always dancing too, with a degree of difficulty that no beginner in the subject could overcome.


Pit Bull Jeans: Pants Women Models

Relatively new brand on the market, the Pit Bull jeans doing very successfully, between women and men.Their models are modern and feminine, very sexy, valuing the woman’s body. The Pit Bull has been around for 15 years and was born into a multi-brand type store, in 1998, on Petrolina (PE). Its owners-the brothers Marcello and Márcio Torquato–had the dream of creating your own brand and performed, choosing the city of Goiânia.