Bags & Shoes

Finding the Right Bag

Used in ancient times by the Romans, who called bursa (around 01 century BC) or saddlebag, the scholarship was originally a simple bag, made of leather, worn by men and women to carry food, money or any other object. The bag could be used at the waist, shoulders or in the saddle of the animals. […]


Eliza on the Cover of Look Totally Awesome

Eliza uses transparencies and lace on the cover of the magazine photoshoot totally awesome Worth follow Eliza looks, character of Marina Ruy Barbosa, who doesn’t even follow the novels. The work of the costume is awesome and adds value to the body and the strengths of the actresses-everything that we like to do with lingerie!

Health & Beauty

Berlin Fashion Week

The first season sets of 2016 is already going on in major capitals of the world and for the first time I am venturing in a European Marathon. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin started Monday and be here during this week is crazy: parades everywhere, all kinds of trade shows, lectures, exhibitions and after show […]


Fashion Red Cloth with Trousers, Skirt, Dress or Shorts

One of the strong tendencies for the winter is the red coat, and this can come in the most varied models, shorter or longer, jaqueta style, wider or more sequins, with double or simple buttoning, with differing collars, in short, for all tastes and styles. Bringing glamor and sophistication all special, these jackets are conquering more […]


Closet-Organizing Tips and DIY

A few months ago my sister changed the closet that she had in her room, she drew a that answered to what she needed and ordered, it was beautiful and super her face, it was a lot more organized. So I decided to talk about it here, it doesn’t matter if you have space to create […]


Where to Buy Bridal Gowns and Ceremonies

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Hello girls, today I will be talking of beloved international online shop CLOTHINGLOVES As you already know I’ll get engaged this year o/and I really want to buy my wedding dress.


Red Lipstick

What do you think of red lipstick? I’ve read some disturbing things over the internet, such as, “I’m not ready to use”, “what will they think of me” or worse “is only for independent women”. Seriously, wait. According to the makeup artists, what sets the hue and brightness of the lipstick is the skin tone and […]


Where to Buy Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Here we go again: come Halloween, you are curvy and have always dreamed of a different disguise the usual witch, but you worry unnecessarily because they can not seem to find a horror costume for plus sizes. To make a great impression to the scariest holiday of the year, we come to the rescue with the 10 sites where you can […]