Closet-Organizing Tips and DIY

A few months ago my sister changed the closet that she had in her room, she drew a that answered to what she needed and ordered, it was beautiful and super her face, it was a lot more organized. So I decided to talk about it here, it doesn’t matter if you have space to create a closet or just a closet as my sister, the organization is very important, and there are many DIY easy that will help you set up your closet and leave everything organized. (more…)

DIY Birthday Party Decorations Ideas

The school has started for a while, and it certainly will have taken all those activities of socialization such as snacks, games, dinners at the home of friends and birthday parties. There we can exempt from arranging the little a birthday party at which can invite the whole class plus a few old friend, neighbors and teammates… but how to not spend a fortune and make fun afternoon? Simple, you just need to arm yourself with patience, imagination and creativity, leave for time and make us all, maybe co help from older children or grandchildren.


Arab Waxing DIY Caramel

Shave: you can do it economically, in total autonomy, and possibly without pain? Yeah, pretty much… thanks to the Arab waxing and its delicacy (and sweetness), discover a new way to get rid of those unsightly hairs!

It really can say that we women, in order to remove those horrifying hairs that come out anywhere, we sottoporremmo to any kind of torture: from creams to depilatrici waxing demonic, through pulsed light, razors and lasers without making us any problem (will be about our margin of tolerance of higher pain or simple sadism?).

Today I want to talk of the Arab waxing or, as I like to call it more, waxing at caramel (but it is also known as Cleopatra’s Gold ): comes from the east allows you to have legs and arms perfectly smooth, soft skin and zero ingrown hairs.Without considering then that’s less painful and definitely cheaper. Of course, it needs patience and a bit ‘of time to devote.