Winter Clothes for Children – Buy, Trends, Photos

Where to buy, Trends and Pictures of Children’s Winter Clothing The coldest season of the year is coming with everything winter children’s clothes are always pretty beautiful for children and very warm, the winter clothes for children has various trends, with varied places to buy and varied prices.

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Capes and Jackets: Winter Trends.

When you think of a superhero, which is the first piece of clothing that comes to mind? Without doubt, the COVER! Batman, Robin, Superman, Magneto, National Kid, Storm and many others … all wore a Cape that, in addition to protecting, was a symbol of power, mystery and even a certain charm! It turns out that […]

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This Week’s Outfit: Foppa Slippers

Get garments are so hated. A pair of slippers that stirred up the majority of the Swedish population to the point that apetition now started to stop the rampage. Add to that a recognized shoddily dressed hockey player advertisement and you have a garment that evokes more emotion than what Alex would ever meet, Foppa slippers.


Fashion Red Cloth with Trousers, Skirt, Dress or Shorts

One of the strong tendencies for the winter is the red coat, and this can come in the most varied models, shorter or longer, jaqueta style, wider or more sequins, with double or simple buttoning, with differing collars, in short, for all tastes and styles. Bringing glamor and sophistication all special, these jackets are conquering more […]


Red Jacket-32

Watch and analyze molding processing of Red Coat that I propose in this publication with the due attention. On the blog there are coat large bases, semi-larga and fair in various sizes, in this case must use the base. After printing the mold base make the transformation to the image and model the gradation to your size.


The Time To Take Their Coats From The Closet

One of the things I missed when I lived in Salvador was that thing of not having four seasons. The city be eternally inserted at the age of 25 to 30. And it’s one of the things I like most. OK, here it rains too much, when it’s hot is one thing unbearable (although the paulistas that I’ve […]


The Most Beautiful Fluffy Jacket of All Time

After a few weeks there in São Paulo ice-cold, I was a believer that going back to SanFran and get a few days of Californian verãozinho.LEDO mistake. The fog come without giving truce doing days of blue sky won a breath of wind that forces us to leave the short shorts in the drawer and take […]


Riding a Look with Letterman’s Jacket

If there’s one thing I love to do, is get ready to go to an event feeling gorgeous and full of self-esteem. And when I was invited to a parade of Track & Field last week, I was super excited to do just that, since it’s been ages since I attended one of these! I […]


Adidas Boxing Gloves

Inspired by names like Acelino Freitas (Popó), Maquila, Éder Jofre and many others, increasing the number of Brazilians looking for boxing as an option of physical activity, be it for leisure, to unload the tension of everyday life or passion to fight.


Clothes Tips to Use in Lawn(in Cold Weather)

In the period in which we traveled the temperatures oscillated between 6 ºC  to 23 ºC . For the first two days I believed that my ride would not yield beautiful photos, due to the fog and thin rain that fell on the city of Gramado( 6 ºC   to  10 ºC). On the other days we were able to get cooler temperatures( 10 ºC   […]