China Glaze Christmas 2011

It is shortly to Christmas and China Glaze launches a new collection of enamels Christmas-themed, a special thought to give.

The collection Let it Snow kit includes several glazes signed China Glazerecalling the Christmas and the festive atmosphere of this wonderful day.

In total, the gift boxes are 12 and contain from 2 to 4 enamel. E ‘can also buy the glazes of the line Let it Snow individually, priced at about 6.00 euros each.


Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Idea: the choice among clocks, thermometers and sundials

Deco Christmas gift idea: For the year-end holidays, we all look of beautiful gift ideas for friends and family. In winter, we live in more cocooning mode and the decoration of the house is very helpful to feel good with us. This is the opportunity to offer decorating presents for the home and for all loved ones to our lives. You will find the model suitable for each age and personality.


Best Gift for Christmas 2014

Original and elegant ideas for Christmas gifts 2014: palette, enamels, makeup kits. About some of the “new-gift” the coolest within reach of every budget!

Christmas is approaching and you are still at sea with gifts? Fear not, our site  has a solution for everything! Many gift ideas for “her” you can choose among many different brands and prices, for the younger and more mature.
Let’s find out the best gift for Christmas kit.


Necklaces for Christmas Gifts

Out of inspiration for your Christmas gifts? 6 nice necklaces to offer a man!

And if for Christmas you dare to give your man a beautiful necklace! Here is a small selection that could well take a thorn from the foot!

1 – Ras neck Teahuppo silver necklace, rubber and Black Pearl

With elegance and exoticism of his Polynesian roots, this ras neck combines everything we love to see in a men’s Necklace: a subtle mix of virility, sophistication and simplicity! Certainly one of the best sellers of this Christmas 2015! (more…)