HD Analog Cameras: Top Quality at Low Cost

The electronic security market presented growth in the sector in the year 2015 and will not be different in the year 2016. More and more companies and homes invest in monitoring solutions seeking more security. With this growth in the sector, new technologies are emerging to meet market needs.


Cctv-How to Install Microphone in Dvr-Audio in Dvr

Talking guys, welcome to my channel, in this video I’m going to talk about Mike, maybe you’ve been on Facebook, or some forum that I answer, or on youtube even right, are looking for your use. And in this video I’ll talk a little bit about microphone, the operation right, what I think about it, […]


Troubleshoot Problems with Hikvision Cameras

Here’s how to solve the main image problems that can occur with Hikvision cameras. Why Is The Picture Clear During The Day And Out Of Focus In The Late Afternoon/Evening?  The light is strong/abundant during the day and the iris is small, the depth of field becomes larger when focusing. However, the iris becomes larger during the […]


Power Infrared Cameras with UTP Cable

Hello we will pass some possibilities for the use of UTP cable in security cameras with Infrared we will simulate how to best use the UTP cable in the installation of security cameras.


IP Camera Installation and Configuration

Where to place your camera? Like many other network equipment, IP camera application software configuration. But its operation is also dependent on its location: misplaced, it may not fulfill its role optimally.


Belkin NetCam Install Guide

Belkin Netcam Announced in the US in late 2012, the NetCam is an IP camera based entirely on the service eponymous cloud . It therefore is inscribed in home automation line alongside WeMo connected products.

Security Systems

Video Surveillance for Property Management

To cope with the increase in burglaries and robberies, many traders and business leaders opt for video protection of their premises. In some cities, it is also a wish of the security forces who see an effective fight against crime in the vicinity.

Security Systems

The Best Monitoring System

A monitoring system is a device whose use enables secure a location given that it is a residential area or workplace. This equipment must be chosen carefully if you would like it to play its role exactly according to your expectations and to avoid making a bad deal.Gather including information on your actual needs, the installation […]

Security Systems

How to Choose DVR Surveillance Camera?

Security is one of the most important concerns in a home. By studying this buying guide for the best DVR surveillance cameras, you will have less difficulty in choosing the type of device you need. You will be able to purchase a camera with adequate performance in line with the new technologies available. We therefore recommend that you […]