How to Choose the Right Sweater for Your Body

In this article I will give you a simple guide to choosing the right sweater for your physique. Woman’s wardrobe sweaters can not certainly miss. They come in different types: those lighter, they wear in spring and autumn, and heavy ones that protect us from the severe winter weather. The sweaters are very easy to wear and are suitable for many combinations, the shape is similar to that of a long-sleeved shirt, then with the neck which can be round, in v or boat neckline and of varying lengths. (more…)

Not to Err in This, Make a Smart Choice!

Present moms on May 11 could become an easier task with the tips of the mixte-home & sleepwear designer responsible for making the final look of the day of the matriarch is perfect!

Harbinger at the launch of the Pajamas with three pieces, the mixte whim in coordinated Plaid pants line Mila: black, white and lime, with exclusive print Renaux View, and shirt with sleeves and long knit cardigan .75 wool blend. To warm up the Queen of home in style! (more…)

Pink Knit Cardigan

A soft and light pink cardigan made of cotton yarn and knitted realized using a simple procedure and of easy realization. Required materials: 300g of pink cotton yarn, needles and a button # 5 (diameter = 1 cm).Employees points: shaved straight knitting; decrease fantasy right: 1st row: 2 m. dir., crossed over 1, 1 YO, 1 acc. 2nd iron and irons equal: lav.sts. as they arise. 3 ° row: repeat from 1st row; d iminuzione imagination left: 1st row: 2 m. tog., 1 YO., 2 m. together dir., 1 YO., 2 m.together dir., 2 m. dir. 2nd iron and irons equal: work sts. as they arise. 3 ° row: repeat from 1st row.


Multi Colored Cardigan Sweaters

Here for you a new leader to add to your collection of knitting. It is acardigan worked grilled with multicolor cotton yarn. The end result is much effect as you can see in the photo. Materials needed: 500 grams of multicolor cotton yarn, the needles number 6 and a metal hook closure. Make a sample of 14 mesh and 18 rows in stockinette stitch using the knife number 6 and should risultarvi a portion of 10 cm square.Here is how to work.


Affordable Winter Cardigans

Even after the economic crisis of 2008, with sales that drop by 30% and banks considering the bankruptcy of his workshop, lead clings and hanging. He said his brand thatit is only strengthened.

Besides that, true to his vision of the high-end, his son founded a beautiful hotel on the island, which has only a couple of beds8.

Drawing from the lessons of the dangers of mass tourism (low margins despite the volume), they continue to want to preserve the island in him offering a virtuous, respectful tourism for local culture and the environment.


How to Wear a Cardigan


God bénissz the person who invented this piece! Every man should have at least 2 or 3 in her wardrobe so that room can be helpful.
You never close the top button of her cardigan! As for a jacket or blazer.
This vest that is predominantly found in wool also available in silk, linen, cotton, alpaca, cashmere, mohair and is often subject to material mixtures (including those mentioned above)