Knitted Hat with Cat Ears

Funny hats women with ears recently become very popular fashion trend. Of course, these hats are not very many can be seen on fashion runways and high fashion prefers more unusual design, but now the streets to meet those caps – are not uncommon. After all, we all know that although considered high fashion and emerging in the catwalks, our daily insults dictated by Fashion Street, spontaneously. And these trends are appearing on the streets often are more popular and more vivid than those who “live” only within the podium. Let’s take a closer look, what are hats with ears and how to perform the best that image appears really stylish, bright, original and eye-catching, but not ridiculous.


Jewelry Crafts for Mother’s Day

It’s almost mother’s day and an own homegrown gift is the best gift for a mother, of course! In this post you will find three tips to make even Pearl Jewelry for mother’s day.

Tip Use 1: Cultured Pearls for Your Piece of Jewelry

You can be sure, with real Pearl you can do no wrong. I think 99.9% of all freshwater pearl mothers love! And this must be definitely not boring or bland! It’s just a matter of how it’s arranged.
In this post, I have processed the White Pearl for three different pieces of jewelry.

First, this bracelet with Rose Quartz beads. Just a great option for mother’s day. The bracelet is strung on elastic wire (click here for the instructions). It is quite easy to make and fit for any occasion. The heart pendant fits perfectly for mother’s day. (more…)

How to Wear Cap in Style

An accessory that stands out in a man’s world is the cap, but this accessory is gaining “popularity”. Many women began to use in the world such as the artist singer Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Avril Lavigne who use and the trend ends up inspiring more girls to wear. The caps can form a relaxing look, full of charm and not losing the femininity. (more…)

How to Dress in The Rain

Now that the rain has arrived, we are facing a new dress dilemma that wear with this weather? The editorial ‘meets you with some simple tips.

Now that we have finally turned the page of time “how I dress when it’s 5 ° C in the morning and 20 ° C in the afternoon?”Finish hair uprooting the morning before our dressing room. Finally … Temperatures well have finished playing yoyo, we are now stuck with miserable 10 degrees H24 and rain over, which may not arrange our case. If the weather continues to make you go crazy and you give up facing your wardrobe, the editorial ‘you give her some tips for choosing the right outfit when rain is output.


Maternity Fashion Ideas for Winter

For all those that are already frozen but did not want to make a heart attack to their banker, here are five tips for the cold weather pregnant without breaking!
Tip 1: The overlay

Do you know that it is better to increase the layers of tissue rather than bundle up in a big jacket for the cold weather? Solution that will fix all those who at 1 month of childbirth, do not necessarily want to invest in a coat special maternity. Then we overlay! Sweater + leather jacket open and a big jacket oversize to keep bottle warm! (more…)

Quiksilver Men’s Black Baseball Cap

The Quiksilver brand is very famous among young people, and it manufactures sporting goods, sports apparel and accessories for the following sports: surf, skate, downhill skiing and snowboarding. The Quiksilver is an Australian company with branches throughout the world. In Brazil, sports are popular such as surfing and skateboarding, so the brand makes a great success in our country.

Young people always follows a trend in fashion, in which a famous brand begins to use, and so they want to buy the products that are popular to use. One of the products that are prevailing are caps of the brand. The caps of the Quiksilver are much sought after by young people.