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Stylish Swimwear for Big Busts

There is no time to waste time. If you want to bathe in summer in new swimsuit, do not hesitate. On many of them had in fact hang tag with discount and most beautiful pieces will soon be gone. You take your bikini or one-piece model? Easy choice it will not. The shop is in fact a plethora of […]

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Polka Dots Swimming Suit

There are a few things that almost go out of fashion – tiger, leopard patterns (at least in our latitudes), the combination black and white in recent years turned out – points. Let’s talk more specifically about the points – and this season they will be honored and will enjoy each and every shop window […]


Mother’s Day Tip – Potato Mango Fisherman

Continuing our tips for Mother’s Day , today let’s talk about Pajama knit PV (67% Polyester and 33% Viscose). In addition to being very comfortable, this type of fabric makes the pieces nicer in cold weather and does not need to be washed after washing.


Transforming the Look of the Edge of the Beach

Sets Of Edge Of Beach The official look on the beach is a bikini or bathing suit, right? But when we’re leaving (or arrived) can invest in some parts that transform the look, without much exaggeration and nothing too elaborate. With the right clothes can get out of the sand and go to the restaurant, in the […]


Pregnant: Choose Your Swimsuit

You are pregnant and you love the pool. There is no reason for it to stop, quite the contrary:it is enough to have a swimsuit adapted to your new morphology.

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Swimsuit Ball: Swimwear Child!

Who’s still on the pace of the holidays get your hands o/o/o/ #sqn Hahahahaha! The kids who should be doing the party, huh? Jeez good time, nothing like being a kid and not have to worry about! On the other hand, this period of school vacation requires care from their parents.

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The Reversible Swimsuit

Buying a reversible swimsuit is a bit like offering two different swimsuits!This could help to fix your finances without hindering your creativity, if the budgetary restriction is to be put during the holidays: the reversible jersey is the anti-crisis jersey par excellence.


Swimwear and Beachwear: the Trends of Summer

You were already at the forefront of fashion in 2014 and you obviously intend to stay it next summer!The International Salon of Lingerie and Swimwear has unveiled trends swimwear and beachwear that will pace the summer 2015. Guide-pool tells you everything!

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Top 10 Gifts for Girlfriend

Between the month of May and the beginning of June, there is always that doubt: what to give of gift on Valentine’s Day? You can not repeat that of last year, and at the same time you have to surprise your love. Mission Impossible? Of course not! To prove to you how easy it is to choose, we have […]