How to Choose the Ideal Top for Workout

Do your favorite sport with the wrong sneakers and see what happens. The same is true when you risk practicing your favorite mode with a wrong top. And believe me, most women are wrong in choosing yours. A US-based survey of fitness and physical activity experts found that women tend to buy tops that over-tighten their breasts, but whose breasts (the one that surrounds the base of the breasts and back) are loose.


Bicycle World Guide – Discover The World By Bike

Bike I like best through the Sahara, where can I get a bicycle chain in Uganda, what must I observe on the southern Silk Road, what parts should I take to Morocco, where can I get information about the crossing of the Himalayas, what do I need at the border crossing in the Khyber Pass, or how do I prepare best on a world to Radelung? The bicycle world leaderanswered these and many other questions. The 3rd Edition of the “Bible for the cyclists’ offers on more than 700 pages of new information and insights for the big tourthrough the world. (more…)

About Bike Wheels

Bike culture: Wheel issue is hotter than in a long time – what is really the best?

I count to fifty received emails recently involving questions about tires, wheels and new standards on the hub and quick couplers. Questions that excites and engages, but also upsets. Wheel issue is hotter than in a long time and it’s not surprising — few things on a bike is so important that the wheels. And few things are as easy to modify, adjust or replace. It is not easy to answer the question of what is best. The boring default answer is: it depends.

Plus format, i.e. mountain bikes with extra wide rims and tires, come briskly straight into the bike people home. There is actually a trend that also applies to road bikes, though there is a trend, but a separate heading.  (more…)

Calle Friberg: Broke Bike 4 Peaks after Crash

Our site: “I didn’t get down and felt it will go on h-veteI”, it will not be as expected. After victory in the second stage of Bike 4 Peaks got Calle Friberg break the race the day after a crash. Read his final report from the competition.

After two really good days here at Bike 4 Peaks with a fourth place and a victory, it was recharging for another tough day in the mountains. Third stage contained the longest and most powerful climbing in the competition’s history, it was said. 1300 meters of altitude of 15 km, we would take on.  (more…)

Bike FAQs

Can I customize the settings?

The good news is that to take place upscale setting, Time highlights its strong point of national production responsiveness! How creating SCYLON Custom range offers 5 colors available: Green, Orange, Blue, Pink and Black with a swinging costs 4999-9399 euros depending on the equipment.

Any framework ordered store will be delivered within a period of 4 to 6 weeks.


How to Choose a Bike Light

Types of lighting

Well-lit bicycle is equipped with front, side and rear lighting. Thanks to your bike well visible to other motorists and pedestrians. When driving off the main roads, where there is no street lighting, is a powerful floodlight necessity.


Time incandescent lamps are gone. They replaced the LEDs. Generally, the more expensive the lamp is, the higher the luminosity features. Here by checking the lumen (lm). For driving on paved bike paths just carrying around 200L. The forest trail, we recommend at least 300l. These lamps are normally equipped with rechargeable batteries. New on the market are CREE headlamps. The intensity easily reaches 1000-2000lm. High energy intensity is often necessary to solve an external source. This is usually mounted with Velcro to the frame.


Igor Amorelli Ready for Another Ironman Florianópolis

Women’s eliteIgor Amorelli will be one of the great attractions of the Ironman Florianópolis 2015, a qualifying event for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii and that this year will be worth as a Latin American Championship, distributing points in the ranking (P-4000), 150 thousand dollars Of awards for the Elite and 75 places for the triathletes of the Age Group.