Casual Shirt Style Advice

Casual Shirts: Opus Oxford Shirt Test

Casual shirts are a bit like the creator of the brand: with a somewhat facetious side that diverts the codes, but does it well.
I am the first to say that a striped shirt is necessarily formal, and on paper combine these patterns with an apparent throat, a chest pocket and a buttoned collar is rather risky and can easily turn to flawless taste. (more…)

How to Wear Stocking with Garter Belt

Stockings always associated with true femininity. This piece of clothing has undergone many transformations and now we see it at its best – finest fabric resembling pautinku, beautiful gum decorated lace and many variations of finishing. But if you want to fully comply with all laws of seduction, then you need to take and belt for cultivation. Stylists say that women’s stockings with a belt look much more elegant, but a combination of fine garters and growing image make maximum feminine and seductive.


Heidi Ritsch: Ecological Belts

Today I speak of Heidi Ritsch, an emerging designer who debuted at White which was held in Milan, one of the side events at the Milan Fashion Week. Heidi Ritsch has created a collection of ecological belts, fashion, and obtained from recycled materials, a way to combine art and nature, sensitivity towards recycling is deeply felt by the world of fashion, especially by young designers looking for a way to stand out, if this “way” is also eco friendly so much the better!


Luxury Belt as a Gift

Belts – women and men – are an excellent idea for a gift. Almost everyone nowadays is used either for their functional properties (fixation pants or skirts), or as spectacular a fashion accessory that emphasizes the overall outfit.

Belts also have the advantage that they do not require detailed knowledge of the gifts and their preferences in clothing. The only indication that you should know about the waist of the person you want to put the belt (and using our calculator to you find the right size) or indication of length the belt that the person uses.