Apple’s Wozniak Shows the Gadgets in Its Backpack

If you were one of Apple’s co-founders, what would you carry in your backpack? Steve Wozniak , Woz, responded to the company’s fans in a column on the Gizmodo website which he takes daily in his bag. The list, which contains iPods, iPads, iPhones and many other devices, is large, and probably quite heavy (according […]


Tip from Camp Soap Dish

One of the concerns of those who will make treks or practice outdoor activities that need to stay overnight in camps is to reduce weight and volume in his backpack. Bath utensils may end up in the way that end up being heavy and still at risk of leaking.


Men’s Stylish Backpacks Tips To Use In Daily Life

No matter if you are going to College, work, school or any other place. The backpack is that reliable accessory that will help you get everything you need. They are practical, comfortable and, if you choose well, can add a lot of style to your look. So let’s talk today about men’s stylish backpacks here in EL HOMBRE.


Hydration Belts and Backpacks

In the old days, just normal sneakers and shoes were enough to run. Today, the appeal to health and well-being, well publicized by advertising media, has given new impetus to the practice of the race. Many accessories can be considered superfluous, others essential. The need for each is that it will determine what is really needed for the […]


The Rules of the Board Bags in Air Travel

Airline travel is always very nice. Now, even the most experienced in the subject are often surprised by rules and legislations in airports and airlines, especially in international travel.


Leather Backpack: Meet Models

The leather backpacks add elegance and modernity to the casual look feminine, they serve both to go for courses, colleges and schools like to go traveling if not taking a lot of luggage, of course. Within these bags fits a lot so in addition to not forget anything you can take a woman to another […]


Capricho Backpacks

Capricho products are well known for offering quality and also annually the company always comes with new availability in the market, we recommend that you consult information about the novelties in which they are painting in the year 2011 in relation to the company, here we will offer some information about The news of scholarships […]


See Tips for the Proper Use of School Bags

Weight must not exceed 10% of the weight of the child. Incorrect use may harm the physical development of students. Overweight backpacks worries parents and school students at the beginning of school year. Books, books, dictionaries, folders, cases filled with pencils and pens end up causing “excess baggage” in backpacks and, consequently, can affect the […]