Pebble Steel: What Can V2 of Kick Starter Watch?

Conclusion: The Pebble Steel is the only Smart watch far and wide, which is compatible with the iPhone. At least the only one that is well available here in Germany. Off the new Pebble indicates that it serves just fine as the second screen of the phone – both iOS and Android. The Pebble Steel costs with leather strap around 200 euros -a fair price given the significantly more expensive competition. (more…)

Apple Watch? Android Wear? Pebble? A Buying Advice

The Apple Watch, a Smartwatch with Android wear or would you prefer a pebble? CURVED helps you in choosing the appropriate Smartwatch.

Wearables are trendy and Apple fired him with the Apple Watch just tremendously. But the Cupertino Smartwatch is not the only smart watch that you can put her on the wrist. A look at the other models is worth and is sometimes necessary when you plug not the best smartphone in your Pocket have.


So You Your Apple Watch Uses As a Phone

Calls to the wristwatch? No problem, unless an Apple Watch adorns your wrist. Because calls to be the first Smartwatch from Cupertino by using the built-in speaker and microphone both receive and settle. And it’s also very easy to. In our guide we explain how you can use the telephone feature of Apple Watch and what special features available to you on the phone via Smartwatch available.


Apple Watch For iPod

The Apple Watch not only can be as fancy fitness Tracker or phone replacement use, but also very well suited as iPod alternative. Because the Smartwatch allows you to easily control the music on your iPhone directly from the wrist. We explain what you need to know to play music with the Apple Watch and give you also a few practical tips on the hand.

Music with the Apple Watch: so it goes