Tag with Oscar & Olivia at Rumeventyr in a New Child Application

Once were godnathistorien equal to a good old book, and one of the parents at the bedside. Now it can also be an application.

Once upon a time there was… That is how we are used to the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale begins. But how to start a quite interesting adventures from 2012 not just completely.

“Oscar & Olivia on rumeventyr”, is an adventure from 2012, and it is studded with the instruments present giving.

Oscar & Olivia differs in several respects from the old-fashioned adventure. One of the most crucial points is that “Oscar & Olivia on rumeventyr” is an application that can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.

The application is created by Thomas Mygind Christensen who is behind both the idea, the screenplay and he is even Narrator.

So look here, if you, for example, in the busy days up to the holidays, will not have to read the bedtime story for the little ones.

Oscar & Olivia at rumeventyr

This application is an experience for themselves. Straight from you start it up, you will be caught by the incredibly beautiful graphics, which makes it sometimes looks more like a cartoon than a book.

Subsequently caught one of the very pleasant reading, which also characterizes the application. On the iPad-version, you can choose “read yourself”, and thus avoid the history read up if you want it. This function is not possible on the iPhone.

The story itself is about Oscar and his little sister, who comes on rumeventyr in an old cardboard box. The story goes through the narrative on which rumuhyrer, asteroids, etc. they meet on their way.

The narrative items small 12 minutes and there are already several books on the way. You can also acquire you story in good old fashioned booklet finisher, however, not all bogbutikker are still negotiating this story.

Initially negotiated the book in the children’s Bookstore at the round tower (Copenhagen) at a price of 129 dollars.

The story can be selected both in Danish and English. The application is compatible with iOS devices with iOS 4.0 or later.

Download application Oscar & Olivia in the App Store for 18 dollars.

According to Thomas Mygind Christensen is immediately not planning an Android version.

Although the story marches us, and it can be great entertainment for the kids, so we do not hope that the regular bedtime story die out.