Tablets and Smartphones Kills PC Market

The thin and light Pcs have a hard time beating Ultrabooks through on the market. Consumers buy smartphones and tablets instead.

The latest figures for the sales of Pcs from Gartner and IDC shows that the thin and light ultrabooks has difficulty with that transpire on the market. Analysis the companies agree that the global PC sales have dropped compared to last year.

It seems that consumers instead of spending their money on new smartphones and tablets instead of the standard PC computers.

Gartner and IDC are also agreed that ultra book segment has evolved disappointing, and maybe your PC’s response on a MacBook Air has come too late. Intel has invested a fortune in marketing this concept.

-“Ultra book has so far not brought a significant increase in sales – partly because we are waiting for the improvements in Windows 8 coming later in the year, but also because of the price,” IDC writes.

You can replace your needs with a smartphone or tablet?