The swimwear 2012 comes full of innovations, ranging from the modeling and colors, until the textures, fabrics and finishes of the pieces; and that promise to revolutionize the traditional way to do beach wear for the next few seasons. See below the main trends of the season:

High Tech

The swimwear 2012 comes mercada, in particular, the use of technological fabrics and new types of finishes in parts. Among the novelties, arrive at Sands, pieces made, for example, in fabrics with antibacterial items, it dries faster, with UVA/UVB protection, that help Tan and indeed “gelatine”, which mimic the texture of leather animals, alligator and snake. In addition to the use of different materials in swimsuits and bikinis, which bring applications of sequins, feathers, jeans and Bugle beads; and also feature handmade, like knitting and crochet.


Hit of the moment, the stamping will dominate the tropical season. With that of coconut trees, leaves, butterflies, parrots and other paradisiacal scenarios commonly used in models adorn summer 2012.

Strong Colors

In it depend on the beach wear collections 2012, the beaches will be dominated by an intense and exuberant explosion of colors. In featured, the cheerful shades of green flag, blue, Orange, yellow, red, copper, yellow, pink and gold.


Inspired by the years 50 and 60, the bikinis and swimsuits 2012 get touches of charm and bossa borrowed these decades. Among the clásscios revised, appear again and laçinho triangle bikinis, with cute prints of poás and lots of waist high, cover the bellybuttons.

Newspaper Clippings

With references of the geometry, the bikinis and swimsuits bring details in leaked clippings and, following the example of the fool-type mom, Swimsuits with localized cuts, coming back with everything, this time also in bikinis, and promise to be one of the major trends of the season.