Swimwear To Wear In Summer

Sun, sea and sand, is the ideal setting. Among the range of colors that offers sea front, you can not go unnoticed, on the contrary, need to highlight.

How? With a cute swimsuit as described in swimming garment do know the trend for this season? Here we give you some recommendations on the most chic.

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Colorful, with prints, minimalist pieces, knits, retro, sports. The wide variety of options in bikinis this summer is very wide and goes from classic whole bathing suits to those who have special as fringe, leather and brooches details. However, today in Eme you present the best choices of fashion.

Entire bath or unicolor one-piece suits

They are ideal for those who want to hide those extra pounds that clog, since they create that visual effect stylize the figure. In addition, this type of bathing suit never goes out of fashion. There are variety of options in the market with respect to the cuts and fabrics.

Designs with patterned fabrics

Integers or one piece. Both models are in trend, especially those with pronounced cleavages or high-waisted, latter also highlight every part of the body. With bright, geometric, floral details, rhombuses and brightly colored.

Bathing suits with long sleeves

They are elegant, modern, current youth. In addition to conform to your body, they will be of great help to protect yourself from the Sun. You can find them as swimsuits integers or bikini tops.

Retro models

Retro love, love, crazy, and never ceases to be fashionista. These designs inspired in the 50’s and 60’s years have something special that makes them the favorite of many women. Talkative to be high but fun size chart.

Super swimsuit sexy

Holes, holes or as like to call them. This is the appeal of the designs that are positioned as the favourite for this summer because it leaves exposed parts of the body. Allows you to highlight the attributes of women emphasizing their favorite parts.

Sport models

They are perfect for the girls who do sports at sea as: surf and other disciplines. They are comfortable, with interesting designs and do not cease to be very feminine.

In addition to these options, we suggest you choose models that go according to your figure with colors that highlight the beautiful color of your skin.