Swimwear and Beachwear: the Trends of Summer

You were already at the forefront of fashion in 2014 and you obviously intend to stay it next summer!The International Salon of Lingerie and Swimwear has unveiled trends swimwear and beachwear that will pace the summer 2015. Guide-pool tells you everything!

Trendy colorful sportswear

The swimwear sportswear does not necessarily rhyme with “mémère”, far from it! Chase this a priori from your mind right away and succumb to the new generation sportswear trend.The black swimsuit a shapeless piece is far away!Today it is colorful, one or two-piece and full details of peps!

For color, dare pink, purple, orange, green, electric blue, in short dare tones that flash!Question form, everything depends on your tastes and your morphology.The trend sportswear is declined as well in one piece swimsuit as 2 pieces .Belted waist, zipper on chest, original cutouts, creators let loose, do the same!

Glamorous Goddess

Timeless tendency, the glamorous goddess spirit is always as successful.Very swanky, these swimsuits all show a very “goddess” side thanks to their details (drape, jewelry) and their colors at the same time classy and sober.

This bourgeois-chic style is available on one or two-piece swimsuits. The bra is often pigeoning to highlight the chest. The most popular color in this trend is black, timeless and glamorous at will.

Retro Spirit

Decide, every year is an eternal return to the past!2015 will once again honor the retro.The swimsuit designers have decided to revive the post-war years of high-panties , headbands, with the added color!

Bikini version or one piece, retro swimwear adapt to current fabrics, colors and lines. Laser cut outs, fluorescent colors, original finishes, the retro wraps the codes of the 21st century while remaining “vintage”.


Here is the party!Printed in bloom, baroque, nature, animal, graphic, Aztec, there is everything!In short, let go!Whether you’re a swimsuit or a bikini , no problem, there’s something for everyone!

You are wild, choose a croco, zebra or leopard jersey!Mother Nature fan, panavez at the beach with a landscape printed bikini.Fancy neo-romanticism, turn to flowery or jacquard patterns.

Geometric cut

Strange product alert!If you want to be the most original of the beachwear, go for a geometric cut swimsuit .There are a thousand and one cuts possible, of different shapes and sizes.But beware of the tan missed, this is one of the blackheads of these swimwear.

On the color side, geometrically cut jerseys can be plain or printed. This is THE big trend that began in 2014 and is likely to continue for many years!