Swimsuits – Trends 2014

A few weeks of large summer migration, it is time to take stock of the different pension trends currently animating the swimsuit industry. Review of those that are likely to influence significantly the beach code 2014 trends…

The funky Jersey

Are accustomed in recent seasons inject a bit of fancy their looks through printed s r gressifs and messages d cal sweatshirts, fashionistas will be pleased to note that in 2014, humor clothing exports also on the beaches.
After affol street photographers style during the recent fashion week with her “TOMBOY” t-shirts, the young Belgian brand “Girls Dad” attacks indeed today the universe of the swimsuit. Between message pr tentieux – take to the 4th degree – and cut without need, their mod them should have no trouble s reduce the adulescentes. Always pr t d decline all-out its seasonal printed, Kenzo gives us his c t a Jersey covered this irreversible r IP of fish seeming straight from a book of images of course l elementary. An aquatic printed a bit childish that Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have the good taste of twister at the touch of a sexier than casual Cup.

The Jersey IP black


APPR of addicts to minimalism for the monochrome sound chic, the very classic black swimsuit again has the favors of the fashion intelligentsia. Chose in its purest form, can however appear a bit re aust. It will, therefore, not h d l g wild siter slightly by opting to mod the d insolent – but not vulgar – cuts (see here and l), either for an elegant strapless swimsuit.Those d wishing a nautical sport can as they opt for a version totally e revisit of the combination in opr n not.

Effect r sille

After t aper EU on from numerous d s wire pr-t – porter, r sille intrudes today within the offer swimwear. In order not to increase the sulphurous dimension of this texture, we pr f rera throw our d evolved on the mod accentuating them rather sporty than his DNA lingeriesize. We think any particularly to the creations T by Alexander Wang who by mixing r sillé, d cups sportswear and marine scratches, can reach the balance between love, fashion and d dynamic sheath.

Printed floral/tropical


D eager to free itself from its nature slightly mi ERV, the floral printed pout this season liberty and dyed “blue flower” in favor of a less first color code degr. In direct contact with the collection Marc Jacobs spring / t 2014, this is d cline so be on a dark background (see here and l), is in gray shades are, the idea both to infuse a healthy dose of character of the reasons often unexciting and ATT nuer kitsch dimension of tropical trees. We note in passing that these swimsuits conf will a good dose of style to the denim shorts pulled to leave the beach.


If wheels have been long familiar with our bikinis and other swimwear a pi, careful not to treat them the l g re. We think all especially those seen at Adidas by Stella McCartney (whose presence on jerseys girly sporty appears for the less incongruous), at Roksanda Ilincic (which conf rent to a regrettable d Jersey sheath nineties), or still at Kenzo (who are associates a headband too narrow). Fees and l g slightly romantic, bikini panties l g slightly e wheel (see here and l) remains still the best option.

Spirit lingerie


The lingerie trend d iron currently on pr-t – wear is not without influencing the design of the swimsuits of the season. Declinant DNA sound sexy in hot sand, the claw Agent Provocateur called so r her famous graphic e drag pink bikini. On their side, Zimmerman, La Perla and Princess Tam Tam offer mod the including ergonomics lingerie appears well too first degree to consider wearing them on the beach. A trend r server those that can Tan the cart from prying eyes.

Swimsuit d cups


More sober than the trikini, out ‘cut’ Jersey is distinguished by the d cups to see the skin while maintaining a pace of Jersey a pi this. A good alternative to the mod too conventional and other little coverage bikinis.

Note also:

The ethnic printed are always popular.

By applying his concept of “bandage” to the bikini, the claw Joseph Ligth gives birth of the mod the absolutely perfect sexy sporty.

The swimwear two pi these sportswear pr f rent now sand and waves sal are water e chlor of pools.

Associated with a sexy cut, texture ponge WINS d sirabilit.

The trikini remains consumed with extr me pr bail.

High waist panties is mocratisent in adopter of the printed s trendy.

Horizontal stripes continue to s reduce (see here, here, here and there).

The swimwear tie are currently in vogue.

He is always pareiller his Jersey d allowed two pi these in order to create of interesting t printed lescopages.

The white swimsuit still a value s re (condition that it retains its contrails once wet).