Sweaters: Impossible Not to Fall in Love


Get to know some of our suggestions:

  1. the sophistication of the crystals and the sensuality of clippings and strips are the big bets of the pieces in this collection. Strong trend, the lingerie sexiest footprint has conquered more and more women. Double straps, crystals, Garter, transparency …  According to businesscarriers,  It’s all part of this universe of seduction where what counts is feeling even more appealing! Click on the piece to access the store.
  2. the animal print is a trend that has won the hearts of the fashionistas. In parts of the night line are a real luxury. That sweater with is all in soft and delicate, voil in Jaguar print. Perfect for very special nights! Click on the piece to access the store.
  3. short sleeve sweater all cute print Microfiber dancers. Super soft and comfortable can be used even as swimwear. Click on the piece to access the store.
  4. With thin handles and delicate ties this sweater is perfect for warm nights. The patch below the breasts offers good support. The pattern of balls is a Cutie Pie! Click on the piece to access the store.
  5. In tulle with print of butterfly, the sweater has romantic, with a slight frown ares in the bilge, ensuring a woman’s touch and delicate to play. Click on the piece to access the store.

Enjoy to buy according to your style. On Specialità you have the freedom to choose pieces that combine more with you according to your preferences.