Sunglasses for Those Who Love Good Music

You love the music, but you are tired of wires that come out of your ears? The bluetooth headsets that fit inside your ears, they do just for you because they give you so much trouble?Never fear, there’s the sunglasses that are revolutionizing the way we listen to music on the move. Zungle launched on Kickstarter Panther, a sun smart eyewear model, via Bluetooth connection, you connect the smartphone to listen to your favorite music … And to answer the phone.

No headset, the sound does not come out of your ears so you can hear what is going on around you (perfect, since often crossing the street with headphones and music blaring risk our lives).Where did the music? The bones of the skull, because auctions of glasses have two small speakers that send vibrations spreading high-quality sounds.

A sci-fi accessory that is definitely true: the speakers have a range of four hours, recharge with a micro USB port in less than an hour. It simply connects to any phone. And then, like all occhaili sun, protect from harmful rays, saw that mount the same Frogskin of Oakley lenses, interchangeable eyewear.

There you can buy on InternetSailors at a cost starting from $ 89: not bad, right?